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Beauty and Crime Queen

Image Film and television figures are experiencing a wave of fascination with stories of strong women in the dangerous world of organized crime. This year, USA Network successfully launched the captivating serial drama Queen of the South , and First Born Films time prepares to tell the audience about the life of the famous drug baroness Griselda Blanco. The film company Sony Pictures could not resist the temptation to work in the popular genre. According to The Tracking Board , the Hollywood major will join forces with Misher Films to create an American remake of the Mexican film Miss Bullet .

Gerardo Naranjo's original film was based on a true story. The main character of the drama, 23-year-old Laura Guerrero , dreamed of taking part in a beauty contest. During a gang showdown in a nightclub, the leader of a local criminal group drew attention to her. The crime boss is ready to give Laura the crown of the beauty queen, but does the girl understand what she will have to pay for her dream? ..

Five years ago, Naranjo was nominated for an Oscar , but failed to make it into the top five finalists for Best Foreign Language Film.


Gareth Dunnet Alcoser, who previously worked exclusively in the short film, will have to adapt the story to American realities. The remake will be produced by Kevin Misher (Johnny D.).

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