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Casting: Beauty Queen and Liam Neeson's Enemy

Image In the filmography of Jennifer Aniston there are many roles in comedies. The last of them, "New Year's Party", was released in theaters in December, and the actress is ready to make the audience laugh again. According to the site Deadline , Aniston signed up to take part in the filming of the tape Dumplin ' , where she will play the former beauty queen Rosie .

Ann Fletcher (Step Up) directed the project, and Christine Hahn wrote the script. The musical comedy itself will remind you of such hits as "Pitch Perfect" and "Bring It On", and it is based on the novel by Julie Murphy.

The main character of the film is an overweight teenage girl named Willowdeen . The figure of Will is far from perfect, which does not prevent her from being confident in herself, even despite the fact that her mother ( Aniston ) was a beauty queen in the past. One day Will meets a nice guy and suddenly begins to doubt himself. To regain her former confidence, the heroine decides to take part in a beauty contest organized by her mother, and at the same time brings with her a company of the same losers, in the opinion of others, like herself.

Previously, the film was directed by Disney , but now the project will follow the path of independent cinema.


Amy Ryan ("Spy One and a Half") will star in the Amazon Beautiful Boy drama. The actress will be accompanied by her colleague on the sitcom "The Office" Steve Carell. The shooting was entrusted to Felix Van Groenginen ("Open Circle"), he also wrote the script for the picture in collaboration with Luke Davis ("The Lion"). The duo adapted a 2008 memoir by David Scheff. The book tells about the addiction of Nick , the author's son, to methamphetamine and how this addiction adversely affected their family.

Ryan will play Vicki - the mother of Nick and the ex-wife of David ( Carell ), who disappeared from her son's life after her husband achieved sole custody of the child.


Liam Neeson also got a company - the cast of the thriller Hard Powder was joined by Tom Bateman (Da Vinci's Demons), Emmy Rossum (The Beautiful creation ") and William Forsyth (" The Rock "). The film will be an English-language remake of the Norwegian film "A Foolish Business is Simple". The filming of the new version will be led by the original director Hans Petter Moland.

The action will unfold at a ski resort in Colorado. The life of a snowplow driver ( Neeson ) collapses in an instant after his son is killed by a local drug lord. The main character wants revenge, but his actions lead to the outbreak of a war between the mafia boss and the pedantic gangster nicknamed Viking . The latter will be played by Bateman . What roles went to Ross and Foresight is not yet reported.

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