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Casting: Mrs. Hunt and the Queen's Beloved Men

Image With the heroine Michelle Monaghan , nurse Julia , fans of the " Mission: Impossible " franchise met in the third part. In the fourth, the wife of Ethan Hunt appeared only at the end, and the fifth was completely missed. However, thanks to Twitter Monaghan and director Christopher McQuarrie, it became known that the actress will return to the role of Mrs Hunt in the sixth film in the series.

The filming of the sequel has already started, but the details of the plot are kept in the strictest confidence, and what role will be assigned to Julia in the new part is still unknown.

Tom Cruise is once again preparing to amaze the audience with amazing stunts, and he will be accompanied on the screen by Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, Wing Rames and Alec Baldwin. As for the newcomers to the franchise, they include Henry Cavill, Angela Bassett and Vanessa Kirby.

The USA premiere of the sixth part is scheduled for July 26 next year.


The cast of the historical drama Mary Queen of Scots is joined by rising movie stars Joe Alvin (Billy Lynn's Long Way to Half-Time) and Jack Lowden("War and Peace"). Previously, Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie starred in Josie Rourke's film.

The image of Mary Stuart has more than once inspired filmmakers to create films - the life of the Scottish Queen was full of death, drama and intrigue. As a child, she became engaged to the heir to the French throne. As a result, the royals got married, but the husband of Mary died young, and she was forced to return to Scotland, where she fell into the epicenter of political and love conspiracies.


Bad marriages, bad decisions, murders, imprisonment and rivalry with Elizabeth I all fall to the lot of Mary Stuart , played by Saoirse Ronan . Jack Lowden will play the role of Lord Darnley - the second consort of the Queen and also her cousin, and Joe Alvin will embody the image of Robert Dudley - counselor and lover of Elizabeth .

Danielle McDonald impressed the visitors of the Sundance festival with her performance in the musical drama Patty Cakes, and then immediately received a tempting offer from Hollywood producers. MacDonald will join Jennifer Aniston on the set of the comedy drama Dumplin ' , based on the novel by Julie Murphy.


The tape will tell the story of a teenage girl Willoudin Dixon , nicknamed Plump , who is going to take part in a city beauty contest to annoy her own mother - the former winner and organizer of the competition. However, the one-day protest develops into a real revolution - together with the main heroine, a group of the same rogue girls who intend to establish their own rules here come to the competition as a sign of solidarity.

Anne Fletcher (Step Up) will lead the filming of the project.

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