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USA Boxing Office Heard a Lot of Star Stories

Image There was no doubt that after the appearance in cinemas the spin-off of "Star Wars" would take the lead at the box office, there was and could not be. The results of the film on the first weekend ( December 16-18 ) only confirmed this assumption - the blockbuster “ Rogue One. Star Wars: Stories "easily took the top line of the financial rating, breaking away from the pursuers by more than $ 100 million .

The film Gareth Edwards grossed $ 155 million on its debut weekend, ranking third among releases this year and 12th in the history of the box office. In addition, the spin-off became the second film released in December and managed to master more than $ 100 million at the start. Previously, only The Force Awakens managed to do this.

On the world stage, Rogue One is doing just as well, as evidenced by the $ 135.5 million earned in other countries. Thus, the feed of Edwards , thanks to a total of $ 290.5 million , was on the way to the 20 best starts in the history of the box office.

ImageAt the moment, distributors are at a loss to guess how viewers will behave next weekend. On the one hand, the spin-off received a high rating from them A , but on the other hand, for the Christmas holidays it will have several strong competitors at once that can draw the attention of part of the audience. If Rogue One follows in the footsteps of the seventh episode, it will lose about 40% of viewers, which is not too much for a blockbuster of this kind.

If we talk about the reviews of critics, then not all of them share the audience's delight. The majority, of course, positively assess the film of Edwards , saying that the director managed to reconcile the classic and the modern. Action, cool special effects, colorful locations - everything is in abundance here, but Rogue One is hardly a great movie. Those who have found a fly in the ointment in the ointment complain about the predictability of the plot and the lack of strong male characters, adding that the spin-off itself seems tortured.


The second line of the rating also went to the project from Disney - the cartoon " Moana " completed its fourth week at the box office with a result of $ 11.7 million . All in all, the Polynesian has $ 161.9 million in the piggy bank, and according to this indicator it is still 12th among the releases of 2016. The animation film is far from Zootopia and Finding Dory, of course, but the studio management will surely remain satisfied with the achievements of Moana , which has managed to collect $ 280.3 million worldwide .


The comedy " New Year's corporate party " fell to the third position, increasing its assets by $ 8.5 million . For a week, the film Josh Gordon and Will Speck lost exactly half of its audience, which is not surprising, because the tape received not very good reviews. So far, her earnings are $ 31.5 million , well below the estimated budget of $ 45 million . But taking into account the fees outside the US, corporate people boast $ 51.3 million . For a film that has been criticized by reviewers for using all possible cliches from adult comedies and burning out the talent of the cast, even that amount is not a bad achievement.


A new film starring Will Smith, the drama " Phantom Beauty ", started from the fourth place in the top 5. And again, another work of the actor beats anti-records: the tape David Frankel has updated the list of films with Smith in the lead role, worse than the others that opened at the box office. This stems from the modest $ 7 million that moviegoers agreed to spend on viewing. And although the drama received a good A- rating from the audience, critics smashed it to smithereens. According to them, "Phantom Beauty" is another Hollywood creation about the spoiled rich, trying to play on the feelings of the public, squeezing a tear out of it. Probably, someone will like this approach, especially since Frankel is good at manipulating the viewer at some moments.

And the picture closes the review by David Yates " Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them " - Newt Scamander and his charges are not going to leave the top five, and last weekend bring them $ 5 million . At home, fantasy has already grossed $ 207.7 million , and his achievements outside the United States look even more convincing - $ 509.8 million .

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