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US Box Office: Outlaws Rise Against Mathematicians

Image Last weekend ( January 6-8 ), American distributors lost part of their profits, and all because of the harsh winter weather that came to the United States. Rental fees were slightly below the expected level, but at the same time a serious struggle for leadership positions broke out in the box office.

The blockbuster " Rogue One" managed to stay in the first place. Star Wars: Stories ", which has written down another $ 22 million . All in all, at home, the Star Wars spin-off grossed $ 477.3 million , and now Gareth Edwards 's film lacks some $ 10 million to get around the cartoon "Finding Dory" in the fight for the title of the highest grossing film of the last year in the United States.

If we talk about the achievements of Rogue One outside of North America, then viewers from other countries have already spent $ 437.1 million to watch the blockbuster. Thus, the picture of Edwards for a month at the box office got close to the coveted mark of $ 1 billion - now in the piggy bank of the tape $ 914.4 million .


In all the time that Rogue One has been in theaters, no film has been able to compete with it, but the situation has changed dramatically over the weekend. The drama " Hidden Figures " finally went live and immediately grossed $ 21.8 million . The first viewers saw the film Ted Melfi back in December, and since then it has already earned $ 24.8 million - an amount almost equal to the film's budget ( $ 25 million ).


Hidden Figures received the highest A + score from viewers on CinemaScore . Critics also went not far from them - most praised the drama about women mathematicians, and even African-American women who helped send John Glenn into space. Among the main advantages of the project, the reviewers name a well-chosen cast, whose talented acting makes the picture incredibly vital.


Not much behind Hidden Figures was the animation film Beast , which earned an additional $ 19.6 million . The cartoon about singing animals dreaming of glory has already grossed $ 213.4 million with a budget of $ 75 million , and this is only at home. Another $ 143.5 million for the film by Garth Jennings was provided by viewers from all over the world. Journalists predict that Zveropoy , who has felt the influence of bad weather less than others, will not give up its positions next weekend either.

The fifth installment of the Underworld franchise started from the fourth place in the top 5 - Blood Wars "mastered $ 13.1 million in their first weekend. If we compare the result of the sequel with the achievements of its predecessors, then the comparison will not be in favor of the tape Anna Foerster . Such a weak start in American cinemas is compensated by the fact that the film opened in other countries, including USA, much earlier and has already managed to raise $ 42.1 million .


True, cinema-goers speak about the fifth part not too flattering. The average B + rating and negative reaction from the professional community do not help the Blood Wars at the box office at all. Note that the blockbuster was the directorial debut for Anna Foerster , but she is unlikely to be able to boast of it in the future - critics were unhappy with the presentation of the plot, which more closely resembles a dissertation than an entertainment movie. Well, at least the sequel justified its name - there is really a lot of blood in it.


Closes the five best musical " La La Land ". Damien Chazelle received over 700 additional copies this weekend, adding another $ 10 million to his previous achievements. In total, the film managed to collect $ 51.7 million at home distribution, and today La La Land also won seven awards at the Golden Globe "ceremony .

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Author: Jake Pinkman