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USAn Box Office Supported Star Rebels

Image In the near future, it will become a great tradition for moviegoers to watch the next "Star Wars" on the eve of the New Year. It all started with The Force Awakens, and now the first spin-off of the cult film series has taken over from the seventh episode. As expected, the blockbuster Rogue One. Star Wars: Stories "seized the leadership in the USA box office without any problems. In addition, it was the film of Gareth Edwards that brought distributors half of all sales for the past weekend ( December 15-18 ).

So, Rogue One has mastered 350.1 million rubles. despite the fact that the total box office box office for the weekend was 693.2 million rubles.However, despite the impressive numbers, the spin-off raised 60% less than its franchise sibling, last year's The Force Awakens ( RUB 880.6 million ). The distributors expected more from the Edwards tape, because among all the releases of the year it takes only 19th place in terms of starting indicators. Distributors still hope that the situation will level out in the future, and word of mouth will help the blockbuster. However, Outcast-One cannot count on 1.87 billion rubles , with which the seventh episode ended the rental.


On the other hand, if after watching "The Force Awakens" some viewers were disappointed, then the spin-off collects entirely positive reviews. Gareth Edwards , whose "Godzilla" did not delight the audience, has managed to create a coherent movie that follows the traditions of "Star Wars" , but does not evoke a sense of deja vu. In general, Edwards shot a solid fantastic action movie. The fans of the franchise have known its finale for a long time, but watching what is happening on the screen is still interesting. The most important thing is that while staging large-scale special effects, the director does not forget about the heroes, each of whom had the opportunity to tell their own story.


The second line of the box office went to the Polynesian traveler Moana - the cartoon of the same name added 99.3 million rubles to his piggy bank. Now he has 739.7 million rubles in his assets. collected in three weeks at the box office. So far, among all the projects of Disney " Moana " takes the fifth place in the box office, but very soon the animated film will compete for a place in the sun with the "City of Heroes", which has completed its trip to USA cinemas with the amount of 889.9 million rubles


A new film with Will Smith in the title role has started from the third place in the financial rating - the drama " Phantom Beauty " in its first weekend has collected 90.9 million rubles. In the USA, the tape David Frankel frankly failed, and even deserved a lot of criticism. In USA, the picture was in for a rather cheerful start, which even surprised the distributors. For comparison, the melodrama "See you" ( 94 million rubles ) and the comedy "Trainee" ( 90 million rubles ) showed the same indicators.

Critics and viewers alike were divided over Phantom Beauty . Someone liked this light and sincere tragicomedy, while others considered it too boring and banal. Director David Frankel tried to create his own interpretation of A Christmas Carol Dickens, but in the end left only at the expense of an all-star cast.


The fourth position was taken by the comedy " New Year's Party ", which collected an additional 58.8 million rubles. Now in the piggy bank are the tapes of Will Speck and Josh Gordon there is 242.7 million rubles . Roughly the same at the box office was "Boys with Guns". The latter, we recall, stopped at the mark of 271.5 million rubles. , but even this result will be good for a film that has not earned too flattering reviews. Perhaps, if the directors had really staged a grandiose holiday farce for adults on the screen, the audience would have reacted more kindly to them.


Closes the top 5 according to the results of the weekend drama " Allies " - viewers brought to its piggy bank another 18.9 million rubles. All in all, on the account of the picture Robert Zemeckis it appears 242 million rubles. No matter how critics criticized last year's "Walk" by the same Zemeckis , it at least earned more than "Allies" - 343.6 million rubles.

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Author: Jake Pinkman