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US Boxing Office celebrated New Year with the rebels

Image Loud premieres before the New Year in North American cinemas were not foreseen, and therefore there were no major changes in the top-5 of the financial rating over the past weekend ( December 30 - January 2 ). "Assassin's Creed" lost its positions, falling out of the top five and giving way to one of the old-timers of distribution - the cartoon " Moana ".

The leadership in the US box office still belongs undividedly to the first spin-off of the Star Wars universe - Rogue One has replenished its piggy bank with another $ 64.3 million and overcame a landmark mark for itself, having collected a total of $ 439.7 million . So, in the past year, two more projects managed to pass the milestone of $ 400 million in the North American box office - the animation film "Finding Dory" and the triquel "The First Avenger". Moreover, the last film about the star rebels easily bypassed.

On the world stage, the film Gareth Edwards earned less than in the United States, but the amount of $ 350 million also looks impressive, and this despite the fact that the blockbuster has yet to conquer the cinemas of the Middle Kingdom. Some viewers do not hide their disappointment from watching the spin-off, but they are opposed by those who Rogue One seemed a real masterpiece in comparison with The Force Awakens.


The second line of the financial rating is still occupied by the cartoon " Sing ". The tape Garth Jennings has added an additional $ 56.4 million to its asset, and now boasts an amount of $ 180 million . Outside the United States, the film's gross has come close to $ 100 million and is now $ 97.8 million . The undoubted advantage of Singers is the fact that its budget ( $ 75 million ) is much less than what competing studios spend on the production of their cartoons.


Critics have described "Sing" as a bright and emotional project. Every child and adult will find someone to worry about among the colorful characters, and in a year that presented viewers with a lot of high-quality animated films, a film about singing animals is a big step forward for the Illumination company, which was behind the creation of the successful franchise Despicable Me.


In third place was the sci-fi drama " Passengers " - the film Morten Tildum raised another $ 20.7 million over the past weekend, bringing its total earnings up to $ 66 million . Given that the film's budget was $ 110 million , it has to rely not only on the North American audience. Fortunately, things are not so bad for her abroad - the audience there put in the piggy bank of the project $ 60 million . At the same time, reviewers speak of the film in a rather negative way, and many are completely perplexed how with two in-demand Hollywood stars, a love story and a fantastic background, Tildum could have made such a weak film.


"Moana" climbed to the fourth place in the top-5, having managed to regain the audience's favor during the New Year holidays. The reason, most likely, lies in the fact that the cartoon, along with "Sing" , are the only films in the box office intended for family viewing. Moana's piggy bank has been replenished with another $ 14.3 million , and now its achievements in the US are estimated at $ 213.4 million .


The comedy " Why him? " closes the top five according to the results of the weekend. The duo of Brian Cranston and James Franco boasts an additional $ 13 million , and overall 20th Century Fox should be happy - on a moderate budget, John Hamburg in two weeks at the box office she earned $ 37.6 million . Of course, critics do not speak very flatteringly about her, but, as we can see, the audience liked the project about the confrontation between the father and the potential son-in-law.

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Author: Jake Pinkman