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Fox Studios Goes Fear Street

Image Sales of a series of books "Horror" by R.L. Stein is now estimated at hundreds of millions of copies. The cycle took a special place among teenage literature, and film and TV viewers got acquainted with the work of Stein thanks to the TV series "Goosebumps" and the movie "Horror" with Jack Black in the title role. The film by Rob Letterman was a hit at the box office and deservedly received a sequel, which is scheduled for release in 2018.

However, before Horror began to appear in print, Stein was famous for a very different cycle called Fear Street . The series, aimed at older teens, has more than a hundred books, and it looks like now it is her turn to make it onto the big screens. As The Tracking Board found out, 20th Century Fox invited Kyle Killen to write the script for the film adaptation of The Streets of Fear , but it is not yet clear which works from the cycle the major plans to adapt.

The original story is set in the fictional town of Shadeyside, Ohio, with high school students usually at the center of the action. And although the stories are in most cases unrelated to each other, each of them adds something new to the myth of a cursed street in a cursed city. Despite the fact that the works of the cycle contain elements of the supernatural, they are more likely to belong to the thriller genre, as they tell about the murders committed by ordinary people.


It can be assumed that the film adaptation will be an original story, in which there will be a place for the characters familiar to the reader from the books of Stein .

It is difficult to say whether the new project will be able to achieve the same success as Horror . The generation that was fond of Fear Street has already grown, but in 2014 Stein resumed the series, deciding to devote younger readers to the ups and downs of life in Shadeyside, which may play the future the film plays into the hands.

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