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Stein's ”Nanny” will endure horror on TV

Image Characters R.L. Stein continues to conquer film and television screens. After the heroes of "Street of Fear", "Horror" and the comic strip Just Beyond, 16-year-old nanny Jenny Jeffers will leave the pages of the writer's works.

Lookout Entertainment and Chernin Entertainment have announced the launch of a TV series based on the Nanny book series. The first part of the literary cycle came out in 1989 and secured Stein as one of the world's best authors of children's horror stories. In the center of the plot is the already mentioned Jenny Jeffers, who got a job in the Hagen family. Soon, the girl begins to receive mysterious threatening calls ...

Lookout has a long and fruitful relationship with Stein. As for the Chernin Entertainment company, it started to create TV series relatively recently, but it has already achieved success in this simpler way. Her latest projects include the gripping post-apocalyptic saga See.


The Nanny cycle includes four novels. The last of them was published in 1995.

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