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Horror Heroes Visit Eerie Amusement Park

Image After the fantasy comedy " Horror " earned high marks from critics and more than recouped its $ 58 million budget, the management of the studio Sony decided to launch its sequel. Although Darren Lemke began writing the script for the second film based on the bestselling books by R.L. Stein last spring, his employers not only stubbornly kept the details of the plot secret, but also were in no hurry to announce a return to the familiar images of the stars of the first part.

The information blockade around " Horror 2 " was forced to interrupt by Robert Stein himself, who shared very interesting information about the fate of the film project with his Twitter subscribers. “The script for the sequel to“ Horror ”is ready, - the writer admitted. -I was also told that my evil twin Jack Black has already signed up for the film. The tape will be titled “ Horror: Horrorland ” and will be released in September 2018. Watch out for Slappy !".

Apparently, studio Sony managed to successfully conclude a new contract with Jack Black , who embodied in the first part of the franchise the image of the creator of “ Horror ”. The sequel to the comedy horror also promises to give viewers a new meeting with one of the most colorful antagonists of the famous book cycle Stein - a sinister ventriloquist doll named Slappy . It is curious that it was Jack Black that gave the voice to the petty villain in the 2015 film.


The title of the film makes it clear that its action will unfold in a creepy amusement park. Stein first invited his readers to Horrorland in 1994 in Horror , book 16, titled A Day in Horror Park . Fourteen years later, the writer decided to create a spin-off of his book series dedicated to the visitors and inhabitants of the scary amusement park. To date, the series " Horror: Horrorland " includes already two dozen works.


The USA premiere of the second part of " Horrors " is scheduled for October 25, 2018 .

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