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Casting: Cranston to Power Rangers, Winslet to Allen

Image Filming for the new " Power Rangers " began in late February, and the cast of the film was announced in advance. However, the studio Lionsgate has an ace up its sleeve - Brian Cranston will play the role of Zordon in the future blockbuster. This information was posted on the official Twitter of Power Rangers .

In the original series, Zordon was the mentor of the main characters and appeared to them in the form of a hologram. It has not yet been announced what role the character will play in the new version of Power Rangers .

The main characters of the blockbuster are schoolchildren endowed with superpowers who will one day find out that they are the only ones who can save their hometown and the whole world from the threat looming over them.

This year, Brian Cranston was featured in the comedy "The Hunt for Work," and in September he will premiere the crime drama "Undercover Scam". Also, among the future tapes of the actor, there are a number of projects shot under the direction of James Franco.


Woody Allen's melodrama "High Life" will be released only in the fall, and the director has already begun to select the cast for his next project. Kate Winslet is currently negotiating to take part in the filming. The details of the picture and even its title Allen , as usual, is kept secret. Woody will lead the filming, write the script and produce the film.

It is noteworthy that the upcoming film will be the first joint project of Winslet and Allen . Once the director invited the actress to star in Match Point, but due to circumstances she had to refuse.


The Force Awakens star John Boyega continues to receive interesting offers from Hollywood directors. Oscar winner Katherine Bigelow (The Hurt Locker) has invited the actor to play the lead role in her new drama, so far untitled.

All that is known about the film is that it will unfold in Detroit in 1967, when a war of riots swept through the city in response to racist attacks and police raids. The script for the film will be written by a colleague of Bigelow in The Hurt Locker Mark Boal.

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