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Power Rangers may return to screens

Image Although the blockbuster " Power Rangers " was one of the most disastrous film projects of the first half of 2017, Lionsgate is seriously considering the idea of creating a sequel. The director of the film Dean Israelite shared some good news for fans of the popular media franchise of Saban with the journalists of Screen Rant .

Nothing depends on me in this matter, but I know that the bosses Lionsgate and Saban have already begun to discuss the prospects for the creation of the second part“ Power Rangers, - the director admitted. -I sincerely hope that in the end they will still give the sequel the green light. ”

To reach the level of self-sufficiency, the $ 100 million tape Israelite needed to earn more than $ 200 million in the world box office. To the disappointment of many viewers, the film completed its theatrical release at $ 140 million . Nonetheless, financial analysts note that the franchise reboot has helped to significantly increase sales of toys and paraphernalia based on " Power Rangers ".


Israelite already has ideas on who could be the next teen superhero rival. According to the director, Lord Zedd is ideal for the role of the main antagonist of the next film. The public got acquainted with this insidious villain back in 1994 in the second season of the Power Rangers series.


The release of the movie Israelite on digital media will take place this week. If the blockbuster manages to make it to the top of the DVD and Blu-Ray sales charts, Lionsgate may well risk investing in a sequel.

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Author: Jake Pinkman