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Matt Dillon will go to von Trier's maniac

Image Wayward Pines , Matt Dillon , will play a serial killer in the new film by cult Danish director Lars von Trier, reports The Guardian. Recall that initially the project called "The House That Jack Built" was conceived by the master as a series, but over time Lars changed his mind and is now ready to present us with a full-length version of the story about the killer. who considers his deeds to be works of art.

The budget of the film will be $ 9.6 million,the action will unfold in the USA of the 70s, and the narration will be conducted from the perspective of the protagonist - the intellectual Jack (Dillon) . In the timing of the tape Lars is going to accommodate 12 years of the life of his "creator", who will face an inevitable clash with the police with all the ensuing consequences. Jack , realizing that he is about to be deprived of the meaning of life, will try to finish his most ambitious work as soon as possible ...

It is known that the company of Matt on the set will be Bruno Ganz ("Sky over Berlin"). He will embody the image of a certain Verge , to whom the main character will trust his innermost thoughts and explain his own actions.


Von Trier referred to these actors as milestones in his cinematic development and stated that he is extremely pleased to be involved in the filming of The House That Jack Built .“These gentlemen fit perfectly into my movie family. I am proud that I can work with them ”, - the filmmaker emphasized.

The release of the new project Lars is scheduled for 2018 , and in the very near future we will find out who got the main female roles in this tape.

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Author: Jake Pinkman