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The USA Box Office has moved into the home of strange children

Image The " The Magnificent Seven " stayed at the top of the US box office for a short time - this past weekend, the new film by Tim Burton took the lead. In general, last weekend was not very successful for American distributors - a year ago, during the same period, when the first position was taken by "The Martian", tapes from the top 12 earned $ 36 million more.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children Burton ended its debut weekend with a sum of $ 28.5 million . The director's latest films, Big Eyes and Dark Shadows, were not very popular with viewers, so 20th Century Fox was pleased with the first results of the new film. However, for now, company representatives are trying not to talk about whether the film adaptation of Ransom Riggs's book will become the beginning of a whole franchise.

On the other hand, given the massive budget of $ 110 million , the tape still has a long way to go before it pays off at the box office. Burton and his team may well count on overseas viewers - outside the United States, the film grossed $ 36.5 million in the first week.


Home for Peculiar Children has received both positive and negative reviews. Film fans gave the film an average B + rating, while critics were pleased that the new creation of Burton resembles his early works in style and atmosphere. However, there were also those who found the film adaptation rather boring and pointless.

In second place was the new drama of Peter Berg Deep Sea Horizon - the first weekend brought her $ 20.6 million , but the creators of the picture probably hoped for more , considering that $ 110 million was spent on filming. Unlike House of Strange Children , Berg 's success outside the United States is much more modest - only $ 12.4 million .


At the same time, Deep-Water Horizon has received a lot of positive criticism. However, analysts say that it is always difficult for films with such themes to find their audience. Reviewers praise the acting of Mark Wahlberg and Gina Rodriguez, as well as the work of Berg himself, who knows a lot about action productions, but it seems that this was not enough for moviegoers.


The Magnificent Seven Antoine Fuqua took the third place in the top 5. In its second week, the film grossed $ 15.7 million , and its viewership dropped by almost 55%. This is probably due to the mixed reviews that the picture received after its debut in cinemas. In the meantime, her piggy bank has $ 61.6 million at home on a budget of $ 90 million . Fukua has turned out to be a solid action movie with western elements and a talented cast, but, as critics admit, The Magnificent Seven lacks dynamics.


The fourth position according to the results of the weekend went to the animation film " Storks " - an additional $ 13.8 million went to the piggy bank of the birds who retrained into ordinary couriers. All in all, the cartoon Nicholas Stoller and Doug Sweetland grossed $ 38.8 million after two weeks at the box office.


Closing the top 5 of the North American box office is the drama " Miracle on the Hudson ", which added another $ 8.4 million to its assets. Clint Eastwood crossed the milestone of $ 100 million , earning $ 105.4 million at home and becoming the 14th feature-length feature film starring Tom Hanks starring who crossed this line.

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