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USA Box Office took a train ride with Emily Blunt

Image The past weekend ( October 7-9 ) in the North American box office ended quite expectedly - the first place in the financial rating went to the thriller " Girl on a Train ", which long before its release got a comparison with "Gone Girl" by David Fincher.

However, already the first results of the box office indicate that the film Tate Taylor is unlikely to be able to repeat the success of "Gone" . Thus, the debut week brought in Girl on the Train $ 24.7 million , while the Fincher feed in the same period earned at the start $ 37.5 million . Outside of the US, Taylor's has received $ 16.5 million , and with a budget of $ 45 million , it will probably pay off at the box office.

But if the quantitative result of Girls on the Train can be regarded as successful, then the reviews are not good for the thriller. Certain reviewers have found many advantages in the picture, comparing its atmosphere with the work of Hitchcock. Emily Blunt, who played the main role in the film, also earned praise. However, most critics still insist that the film is rather lengthy and cannot be compared with the original book by Paula Hawkins, which keeps the reader in constant tension.


Already this coming weekend, Girl on the Train will have to defend its leadership in the fight against yet another film aimed at an adult audience - the thriller "Reckoning" with Ben Affleck in the title role.

Painting Taylor , by the way, turned out to be the only newcomer of the week who managed to break into the top five. Fantasy Tim Burton " Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children " has dropped to the second position. Over the weekend, the film's audience dropped by almost 50%, and an additional $ 15 million went to its asset. Now at home, the tape has $ 51.1 million , but the creation of Burton received a great return outside the United States, where it earned $ 94 million .


Overall, Home for Peculiar Children received good reviews from critics and audiences, but they still expected more from Burton . Some reviewers noted that the director seemed to restrain himself, fearing to overdo it with oddities, of which there are already quite a few in the tape. As a result, Burton made a good film, but not as dark and funny as his fans hoped.


The third place in the top-5 was taken by the drama Peter Berg " Deep Sea Horizon ". The film with Mark Wahlberg in the title role, although it has collected many flattering reviews, cannot boast of the same financial success. Last weekend, $ 11.8 million was added to his piggy bank, and the total result for two weeks in theaters is $ 38.5 million . In total, the film grossed $ 66.3 million at the worldwide box office, taking into account household fees, and this amount is only half of what was spent on filming.

Berg made a good-quality disaster film - the project team used a minimum of computer special effects and tried to make everything on the screen look real. Berg is not for nothing considered a master of action films, however, according to critics, in pursuit of a beautiful picture, he forgot about the content.


The fourth place is occupied by the Western " The Magnificent Seven " - it finished the weekend with a result of $ 9.2 million . In total, in three weeks at the box office, Antoine Fuqua grossed $ 75.9 million , but its audience continues to decline rapidly, and the restrained reviews of those who have seen the film do not add to its appeal in the eyes of moviegoers.


Managed to stay in the top five " Storks " - the animation film has replenished its piggy bank by $ 8.5 million . Thus, in the United States, the cartoon Doug Sweetland and Nicholas Stoller earned $ 50.1 million , and thanks to overseas viewers, his overall achievements exceed the mark in $ 100 million .

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Author: Jake Pinkman