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US Box Office: Americans paid Ben Affleck

Image As expected, the thriller " The Girl on the Train ", which previously took the lead in the North American box office, had to defend its positions in the fight against the film " Payback ". As a result, the picture with Ben Affleck in the title role not only managed to take first place in the weekend, but more than met the expectations of distributors.

Before the premiere of Reckoning , many journalists were betting that Gavin O'Connor would earn between $ 15 and $ 20 million in the first weekend, but it managed to raise $ 24. 7 million , which is slightly more than the debut result of "Girls on the Train" . Although both films are intended for the same audience, there is a significant difference between them. The adaptation of Paula Hawkins' bestselling book received a B- rating from viewers on CinemaScore , while Payback earned a A - .


Critics, on the other hand, did not welcome the picture as warmly. Some reviewers speak positively about the tape, comparing it to a puzzle that draws the viewer more and more every minute. Plus, Payback , they say, is one of those rare projects that really deserve a sequel. Other journalists did not like the ending of the thriller - despite the original beginning, its ending was too hackneyed.

Do not forget that even if the film with Affleck over the weekend coped with Girl on the Train without much effort, it will have to compete at the box office with the sequel to Jack Reacher.


Actor Kevin Hart has long established himself as an excellent comedian, and when the entire timing of the film is dedicated only to him, jokes are incessantly provided. The stand-up comedy " Kevin Hart: Now What? " was released over the weekend, filmed during one of the artist's performances in front of a crowd of 50,000. The tape immediately managed to attract the attention of viewers, ending the first week with a result of $ 11.98 million . Critics also complimented the film by Leslie Small and Tim Storey - Hart once again proved that he is an excellent comedian, capable of joking on any topic, starting from politics to the first experience of going to Starbucks .


The Girl on the Train was just a little short of the humorist Hart . The Tate Taylor feed added $ 11.97 million to its piggy bank. Now the film has $ 46.6 million , but negative reviews still had an impact, and as a result, the audience for the thriller sank 51%. The main complaint of critics is that the picture does not keep the viewer in suspense, and the only interesting character from all involved is the alcoholic Rachel performed by Emily Blunt.


Tim Burton's Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children , which earned an additional $ 8.9 million , fell to fourth place in the weekend. According to the results of three weeks at the box office, the fantasy boasts an amount of $ 65.8 million , but given the budget of $ 110 million , there is no reason to judge the success in home theaters. However, foreign viewers will still help the creation of Burton to reach the level of self-sufficiency - outside the US, the tape has collected an impressive $ 130.9 million .


Another high-value film, Horizon Deep , continues to suffer from a lack of viewers. An additional $ 6.4 million went to the picture's piggy bank, but the total amount, $ 49.3 million , does not inspire optimism, especially since the film by Peter Berg on the international stage she cannot boast of success - there she earned only $ 27.7 million .

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Author: Jake Pinkman