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Stay special. Tim Burton's new movie trailer

Image There are not so many directors in modern cinema who know how to make all sorts of oddities charming and exciting. Tim Burton is definitely one of them. Finally, a dubbed trailer of his new project - the film Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - appeared on the Web, in which the master's hand is visible literally in every frame. Judging by the video, this time the director of Big Fish and Edward Scissorhands will tell us a story that is both sweet and intimidating.

The plot of the picture is based on the novel of the same name by Ransom Riggs, which tells the story of a boy named Jake (Ace Butterfield) who ends up in a mansion for children with supernatural powers. Compared to all the other guys, he seems like an ordinary teenager, although this, of course, is not so. Soon, Jake will have to find out what he is capable of and protect the little residents of the boarding house.


Miss Peregrine plays the audience favorite, Eva Green, with the ability to create elegant yet poignant looks. The role in the upcoming fantasy looks like it was written especially for her. In addition, the main character runs a boarding house that resembles the British version of the Charles Xavier school from the X-Men franchise, and some strange children have abilities similar to mutants. By the way, the adaptation of the novel for the big screen was done by Jane Goldman, the author of the script for the blockbuster X-Men: First Class.

Our moviegoers will be able to visit this unusual institution Miss Peregrine on October 6 , but for now we invite you to take a short glimpse into a world like you have never seen ...

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Dubbed Trailer

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