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MGM is ready to jump overboard

Image A remake of the comedy " Overboard " has been in development for several years, but it looks like MGM is finally close to the project. As the site The Tracking Board managed to find out exclusively, the tape has found new writers and directors.

According to the source, Bob Fischer and Rob Greenberg will take over the text of the remake. They will subsequently lead the shooting of the picture. The main role in the film and production functions are assigned to Eugenio Derbes, although Will Smith and Jennifer Lopez had previously planned to take part in the filming.

Recall that in the original, filmed by Garry Marshall in 1987,it was about an arrogant billionaire who accidentally fell overboard of her own yacht. Waking up in the hospital, the heroine Goldie Hawn could not remember anything what the employee who harbored anger at her (Kurt Russell) took advantage of. So Joanna turned into Annie - a respectable wife and mother of four boys.


Bob Fischer began his career in television, and in 2005 the comedy "Crashers", based on his script, became a real hit. As for Rob Greenberg , he also started with sitcoms, and among his work in the cinema you can find the tape "Meet Dave" starring Eddie Murphy.

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Author: Jake Pinkman