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Key to Success

Image Although the remake of the romantic comedy Overboard did not make a splash with critics, it managed to hit its budget in its first week of release. The box office success pushed the filmmakers to the idea of reshooting another famous motion picture. According to The Hollywood Reporter, director Rob Greenberg, screenwriter Bob Fischer and actor Eugenio Derbes will continue to collaborate on the American version of the French double.

The painting by Francis Weber was released in 2006 and received flattering reviews in the press. In the center of a hilarious sitcom, there was an unremarkable parking lot Francois Pignon, who had to pretend to be the lover of a famous fashion model in order to distract the attention of journalists from her romance with a married businessman.

In 2009, "Understudy" was re-shot in Bollywood, and now the long arms of Hollywood producers have finally reached the hit of the French box office.


The remake will be produced by California-based studio Pantelion Films. Greenberg and Fischer will write the script and share the director's chair for the film, while Derbes will take over the production functions and try on the image of the hardworking Hispanic valet driver.

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