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Performance for a millionaire. Overboard Remake Trailer

Image The first dubbed trailer of the comedy "Overboard" - a remake of the 1987 film of the same name with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell in the lead roles - has appeared on the Web. In the new project, we will again talk about an ordeal for a rich man who has fallen into the realities of the middle class, only this time a man will endure bullying. Filming was directed by Bob Fisher (screenwriter for the comedy "We Are the Millers") and Rob Greenberg ("How I Met Your Mother").

In the center of the plot is a spoiled rich Mexican Leonardo, bathing in luxury and spending all his time in the company of models on his own luxury yacht, and a simple woman Kate, mired in debt by a single mother. To somehow improve her financial situation, Kate gets a job with Leonardo, but the arrogant playboy behaves too arrogantly with her and even throws her working tool overboard - an expensive vacuum cleaner. A woman will have a chance to take revenge on the offender when she finds him in the hospital. During another binge, Leonardo went overboard with alcohol, fell overboard and lost his memory. Kate pretends to be his wife, takes the Mexican home and gives him a fun performance.

Eugenio Derbes (No Instructions Included), who is also one of the producers of the remake, will appear on the screen as Leonardo, while five-time MTV Award nominee Anna Faris (Scary Movie) tried on the role of Kate.

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The premiere of the tape in our cinemas is scheduled for April 12.

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