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Brick by brick

Image The success of the pictures "Station" Fruitvale "" and Creed: The Rocky Legacy earned Michael B. Jordan the title of one of the most gifted actors of his generation. Now the 30-year-old California native is ready to prove the famous adage: "A talented person is talented in everything."

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Jordan has accepted an invitation from Endeavor Content to produce, write and direct the drama The Stars Beneath Our Feet *. The script of the film will be based on the plot of the novel of the same name by documentary filmmaker David Barclay Moore, which hit the shelves of American bookstores this fall.

The main character of the work is 12-year-old Lolly Rushpole, who is grieving over the death of his older brother, who died during the dismantling of two Harlem gangs. Cope with grief, the protagonist unexpectedly helps the LEGO constructor. Lolly is used to strictly following the assembly instructions, but everything changes when a friend of his mother brings home from work two huge bags of colorful cubes from completely different sets. The boy decides to let his imagination run wild and stop playing by the rules ...


After Moore's novel made a splash at the international book fair BookExpo America, the young Hollywood studio Endeavor Content hastened to acquire the rights to film it.

The start date of work on Jordan's directorial debut has not yet been announced. The project is unlikely to go into production in the coming months, since in February next year, Michael will go to the set of the sports drama "Creed 2".


* - preliminary translation.

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