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Michael B. Jordan to star in Black Panther


The cast of the Marvel movie "Black Panther" has another impressive addition. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he was joined by Michael B. Jordan, familiar to viewers from the movies "Creed: The Rocky Legacy" and "Fantastic Four".

This will be the third joint project of the actor with the director of "Black Panther" Ryan Coogler. Which character Jordan will play is not yet specified, but anonymous sources in the studio insist that he was offered the role of the villain. Traditionally, the leadership of Marvel. does not comment on cast.

Recall that the movie will also star Lupita Nyong'o and Chadwick Boseman. The latter will play the title role. Recall that the hero was introduced to the audience in the movie "The First Avenger 3: Confrontation". Filming for "Black Panther" is due to start in early 2017, with a wide release of the movie in February 2018.

As for Michael B. Jordan, after the success of the sports drama "Creed: The Rocky Legacy", he became in great demand in Hollywood. He plans to take part in several promising movie projects at once, including the remake of the famous detective "The Thomas Crown Affair".

Most likely, it is in this movie that he will star in the fall of 2016.

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Author: Jake Pinkman