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Moana and Maui took the USAn box office overseas

Image The picture of the week in the USA box office, as expected, reflected the success of the new hire. It is just that, according to the results of the financial race, the candidate who was initially assigned the highest expectations was not the leader. We are talking about the military drama "Allies" by Robert Zemeckis, which, having barely fought off " Fantastic Beasts ", took only second place. Another "not princess" of the studio Disney was keeping the first line with the confidence of a seasoned navigator. As we expected, the cartoon " Moana " tried to change the balance of power in the struggle of the strongest representatives of modern animation. To some extent, he succeeded.

Let's start with the fact that the traditionally kind, inspiring and slightly instructive story has proved itself very worthily in the country's cinemas. Viewers of all ages gave the debutant 335 million rubles. , which turned out to be slightly less than that of Puzzle ( 364 million rubles ), but surpassed Rapunzel's performance ( 277 million rubles. ). Good news for the studio is the fact that, at least in our country, " Moana " is still holding at the level of the reference "Frozen" ( 332 million rubles ). Distributors, on the other hand, enjoy mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers and predict a long life for the family project in the top 5.

ImageOf course, the film of the four directors, Ron Clements , Don Hall , John Musker and Chris Williams deserve public attention. It is unlikely that she will go down in history as one of the examples of animation, but she will definitely be remembered thanks to the luscious landscapes of the Pacific Islands, not annoying and very appropriate musical inserts, graphics that have reached unprecedented heights, and the main character, who is closer to Mulanand Pocahontas rather than typical Disney girls in trouble. And although the authors preferred not to be smart with the script of the picture, and the action in it unfolds according to the scheme proven over the years of rental, it is based on real myths and legends of the indigenous people of Oceania, which are so harmoniously woven into the canvas of the narrative that they cause genuine interest. But the advertisement for " Moana " got very meager, which can prevent the musical from achieving the heights it deserves, and the audience from enjoying the misadventures of the most emancipated Disney heroine in the company of the colorful demigod Maui.

Such praises are not heard in the address with the battle taken second place " Allies ". The situation was ambiguous - the USAs generally gave silver to Newt Salamander and his unseen animals, however, residents of the CIS countries came to the aid of the spies of the Second World War, and the drama of Zemeckis with 114 million rub. still managed to get around the fantasy David Yates . It will be interesting to note that the tape with Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard started better than the much more atmospheric and deep "Spy Bridge" ( 55 million rubles. ). But a similar theme "Rage" with the same solo Pitt brought its creators 157 million rubles at the beginning of the shows.


It is unlikely that the " Allies " will be able to hold out for a long time in the five financial champions - the not unfounded criticism of the completely optional film Zemeckis will do its job. In addition, this is not at all the case when professionals belittle the dignity of the tape because of their own unjustified expectations. Having started very promisingly and similar at the same time to dozens of its predecessors like Casablanca, by the middle the picture slides into a melodrama that lacks a degree of emotional tension and poignancy. The impressive first and second echelons of actors do not please with their work, and the script of such an experienced writer as Stephen Knight sags every now and then.

Surprisingly, the scandal surrounding the separation of the star couple Pitt and Jolie did not even benefit the film. This negative PR could have worked at least in the first week of the show, but it did not bear fruit either here or at home. Note that " Allies " is not the first failed project for Zemeckis , but if last year's "Walk" still received its share of praise from the film community, then a new drama that is unlikely to succeed to recoup its 85 million budget, disappointed viewers, reviewers and distributors.

ImageUSAs' interest in “ Fantastic creatures", which made the specialists responsible for the distribution of" Allies "quite nervous. Despite a noticeable decline in demand for the spin-off "Harry Potter", fantasy managed to add an additional 111 million rubles to its account. Thus, the total amount of the tape's fees for the debut script of J.K. Rowling has reached the level of 1.3 billion rubles . Obviously, a solid share of the proceeds from the USA market, as well as the global gross, estimated at $ 609 million , dispelled all doubts of the producers of the new franchise. One can only hope
However, there is a much more curious person involved in the current box office. While the director Sarik Andreasyan continues to discourage the audience with his unexpected ideas, his new film, somewhat lost against the background of stronger competitors, is being played in cinemas. The drama " Earthquake " has not distinguished itself with box office success, and the modest 97.5 million rubles. is a direct proof of this. What's more interesting is that heated debates flared up around her in the journalistic environment. Critics are in a fever: some argue that Sarik underwent a wonderful transformation, and he made the best movie in his dubious career, which, of course, lacks depth, but does not deny respect for the tragedy unfolding in Armenia 28 years ago.

Others say that Andreasyan continues to use his favorite method of whipping up the atmosphere - his comedies are stuffed to the eyeballs with jokes of varying degrees of quality, and the drama is so tear-squeezing to the extreme that the audience becomes embarrassed at some point. Be that as it may, Sarik and his brother and loyal colleague Ghevond hope that the tape will cause a second round of interest among moviegoers. This is due to the fact that its fees were more than those of Poddubny ( 70 million rubles. ) and Champions ( 88 million rubles. ). Moreover, the producers celebrate a response they have never seen before - " Earthquake " even prompted some people to write letters to the production center of the Andreasyan brothers .


The results of another domestic film look much more significant - the war drama " 28 Panfilov's men " was able to maintain positive dynamics, which its directors, Andrey Shalyopa and Kim Druzhinin. A worthy picture of the heroism of Soviet soldiers earned 76 million rubles , increasing its cash register to 300 million rubles . Mostly positive views from viewers, word of mouth and favorable information background ensured " Panfilovites " not only confidently staying at the top lines of the rating, but also getting into the top ten most profitable USA films of the year. And this, undoubtedly, is a great achievement for a national project that was able to reach big screens.

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