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USA Boxing Sailing the Ocean with Moana

Image Studio Disney continues to confirm its status as the leader of this year - last weekend ( November 25-27 ) its new cartoon " Moana " easily took the first place in the North American box office at the fantastic creatures Newt Scamander . As for the rest of the newcomers of the rental, most of them did not meet the expectations of distributors: only one debutant managed to break into the top 5 along with Moana .

The collection of the animated film Disney for the weekend amounted to $ 55.5 million , and by this indicator it ranks third among all the cartoons of House of Mouse , behind only “ Zootopia ”( $ 75.1 million ) and“ City of Heroes ”( $ 56.2 million ). If we talk about the five days spent by Moana at the box office, then it earned $ 81.1 million during this period. At the same time, $ 16.3 million from overseas viewers were added to the piggy bank of the new creation of the Hollywood studio, but the film has yet to conquer most of the foreign territories.


The inspiration for the creation of "Moana" was not fairy tales, as is often the case with the company's products, but the traditions of the Pacific peoples, which makes the cartoon stand apart from other studio projects. Cinema visitors appreciated the efforts of the authors and delivered the tape excellent. Professional critics were in solidarity with the audience, and praise for "Moana" fell like a cornucopia. In their opinion, everything in the film reminds that you are watching the creation of Disney - a nice looking picture, colorful characters, unobtrusive morality. A distinctive feature of "Moana" is its main character itself, because she is not at all like the usual European princesses.

In any case, thanks to Moana Disney continues to expand its horizons, and although now the studio's priority remains game remakes of its own cartoons, the major does not stop there, but Moana is a prime example of what modern animation should be like.


The leader of the last week, the fantasy " Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them ", moved down to the second line. Painting David Yates added another $ 45.1 million to its asset. Total in the piggy bank of the tape is $ 156.2 million , and if you add to them an impressive $ 317.5 million from outside the United States, then with the amount of $ 473.7 million The film is already ranked 13th among all releases this year.


Following the fantastic creatures of Yates , the magician and wizard Strange settled in the top 5 - the blockbuster Scott Derrickson in its fourth week mastered $ 13.4 million . The amount of $ 205.1 million in home distribution made " Doctor Strange " the tenth adaptation of the Marvel comics , which managed to overcome the milestone of $ 200 million . The film has already earned more than Thor and Ant-Man during its time in theaters in the United States, and grossed at the worldwide box office $ 616 million puts it in ninth place on the list of releases in 2016.


The fourth position went to one of the newcomers of the week - the drama " Allies " with Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard raised $ 13 million over the weekend. In just five days of distribution, the film has mastered $ 18 million - a rather modest amount, considering that the film's budget was $ 85 million . For the director Robert Zemeckis this is already the second project that does not live up to the expectations placed on him: last year his "Walk" failed to attract the attention of the audience.

Critics, as well as viewers, did not appreciate the attempt by Zemeckis to mix spy thriller, melodrama and thriller in one film. Based on their reviews, Allies with such a promising start could have had a much more convincing ending, and the director had a great concept and first-class actors at his disposal.


Closing today's roundup of the US box office is the sci-fi drama Arrival , which ended the weekend with a record of $ 11.3 million . Now that Denis Villeneuve has $ 62.4 million in its stock, the situation for a movie with a budget of $ 47 million does not look as depressing as it used to be. , but Paramount surely expected more.

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