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The US Box Office is still roaming the ocean

Image Over the past week, the situation in the North American box office has not changed much - the composition of the top 5 remained the same, only some changes took place in it. In general, after Thanksgiving, there is always a lull in the box office, and the past weekend ( December 2-4 ) was no exception. The only debutant of wide distribution, the horror film Incarnation with Aaron Eckhart, only half met the expectations of distributors and failed to break into the top five.

The first place in the financial rating remained for " Moana " - the cartoon lost almost 50% of the audience and earned $ 28.4 million . In total, there is $ 119.9 million in the collection of the new Disney film. Outside of the United States, the animated film also shows good results - overseas viewers have enriched it by another $ 32 million , and the global achievements of Moana are now estimated at $ 177.4 million.

Critics are praising the next creation of Disney in every way, admiring the visual implementation of the idea, well-written characters and musical accompaniment, which makes Moana a cartoon worthy of being on a par with The Little Mermaid "And" Aladdin ".


Despite the fact that the heroes of the picture spend most of the screen time surrounded by the ocean, Moana does not let the viewer get bored. In the spring, Zootopia proved that even a cartoon can have a deep meaning, and Moana became another confirmation that Disney films have a unique charm.


" Fantastic Beasts " retained the second line of the top-5 - fantasy David Yates finished the week with a result of $ 18.5 million . So far, home rental has brought Newt Salamander and his magical creatures $ 183.5 million , and in the world, the tape has raised $ 607.9 million , and for both It is now in tenth place among the releases this year.


Sci-fi drama Arrival climbed to third place, adding $ 7.3 million . It is noteworthy that in the fourth week of release, the picture received an additional 473 copies, and its achievements in the United States are estimated at $ 73.1 million . Studio Paramount can be satisfied not only with the financial results of the film - critics also appreciated it, calling it a large-scale and incredibly effective film.


But the drama Robert ZemeckisAllies ” from the same Paramount does not use such an arrangement among reviewers. After the failed Walk, the director returned to more classic cinematography, but Allies lacked dynamism, and critics expected much more from the Pitt-Cotillard pair. As a result, this weekend brought the film only $ 7.1 million , and after two weeks at the box office it has $ 28.9 million despite the fact that the budget was impressive $ 85 million .


The top five is closed by the blockbuster " Doctor Strange ", which received an additional $ 6.5 million . At the same time, the film Scott Derrickson managed to earn $ 215.3 million in US cinemas, but the main income of the film still comes from other countries - its global receipts (including home distribution) are $ 634.9 million .

Next week, the situation in the North American box office is unlikely to change much - the distributors have reserved the main players for the second half of December, and so far only one newcomer is preparing for the release - the comedy "New Year's Party".

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Author: Jake Pinkman