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The US Box Office stalled in the Land of the Dead

Image After Thanksgiving, North American skates traditionally went into a two-week hibernation. Distributors do not risk releasing new films, content with only limited releases, and moviegoers will probably save money for the eighth episode of Star Wars. On the other hand, the past weekend (December 1-3) turned out to be one of the best of its kind in the past few years.

Thanks for this is, first of all, the animated film "The Secret of Coco", which earned an additional $ 26.1 million. In total, the cartoon has $ 108.7 million in total. Last year's hit "Moana" from the Disney studio gained momentum a little faster, and the creation Pixar is still 9% behind the overseas princess.

At the same time, the creators of the picture have nothing to complain about. Coco's Secret maintains a very high rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and critics continue to sing praises to it.


Among the best works of Pixar studio are tapes that transported the viewer to amazing places - to romantic Paris, aboard a spaceship or inside the human brain. The Mystery of Coco, in turn, transports children and adults to the colorful Land of the Dead, where 12-year-old Miguel learns what really matters in life. The cartoon has been in development for more than one year, but right now, according to reviewers, it turned out to be very useful, perfectly reflecting the cultural and political climate in the United States. However, Coco's Secret is no less popular outside of its native cinemas: overseas viewers have replenished its piggy bank for $ 171.3 million.


The second place is still held by the "Justice League", which collected over the past weekend $ 16.6 million. While Zach Snyder's blockbuster is only approaching the $ 200 million mark, although both "Wonder Woman" and "Suicide Squad" after 17 days in the box office could boast of results exceeding this amount. Another $ 370.1 million the film has mastered outside the United States, and the $ 567.4 million he earned allows us to hope for the best. However, it is still unclear whether the cohort of DC superheroes will be able to climb the coveted financial mountain of $ 700 million, because soon all the attention of moviegoers will go to Star Wars.


In general, the distribution of roles in the top 5 has not changed at all compared to the previous week. The third place goes to the drama "Miracle", which showed amazing skills of survival among strong competitors. With such a neighborhood as the superhero blockbusters Marvel and DC, Stephen Chbosky's tape managed to earn $ 88 million, of which $ 12.5 million - over the past weekend.


The fourth line is given to the third "Thor", which recorded an additional $ 9.7 million in its asset. In total, the triquel grossed $ 291.4 million in the North American box office, but he can be truly proud of achievements abroad, where movie fans have generous themselves with $ 525 million. No wonder critics Taika Waititi's vision is so praised, because it was he who returned the audience's interest in the Scandinavian god, and "Ragnarok" is the best of all the films about Torah.


Closes the top five, like last week, the comedy “Hello, Dad, New Year! 2 ". Another $ 7.5 million went to the piggy bank of the painting by Sean Anders. No wonder critics do not speak too flatteringly about the sequel, calling it formulaic and absolutely unfunny. So far, the film has grossed $ 82.8 million, which is almost half the results of the first part, and its success is unlikely to be repeated.

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Author: Jake Pinkman