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US Box Office Landing Successfully

Image Last weekend in the North American box office was marked by the triumph of the national hero - the brave captain Chesley Sullenberger, who in 2009 did not lose his head in a difficult situation, was able to land an airliner with a faulty engine on the Hudson River and saved the lives of 150 passengers on board.

Clint Eastwood's painting Miracle on the Hudson "surpassed expectations and earned $ 35.5 million on its first weekend, thanks to which it got into five tapes with the best debut results in September in the entire history of the box office. In addition, Eastwood is the first feature film starring Tom Hanks (after Angels and Demons) in the first place in the last seven years.

Miracle on the Hudson won the favor of not only the audience, who gave the drama the highest rating A , but also critics. The latter praise the performance of Hanks and the direction of Eastwood , who, like the protagonist of the film, once again confirms the level of his professionalism. Miracle on the Hudson is an ode to the hero of our time, who managed to remain a true master of his craft even in difficult circumstances.


Film fans have received the film of Eastwood well outside the United States as well - there the film already has $ 9.5 million in its piggy bank. Given the positive ratings and a rather fast start, Miracle on the Hudson should complete home rental at $ 110 million , and in a good scenario, the picture will be able to collect all $ 130 million .

In second place is the film " All the secret becomes apparent ", which lagged significantly behind the leader of the box office. The brainchild of John Cassar made its debut weekend with a sum of $ 15 million . For Screen Gems , such a result cannot be called the best in history, since its previous projects in the same genre, "Perfect Boyfriend" and "No Good Deeds", opened in cinemas much more successfully ( $ 25, 8 million and $ 24.2 million respectively). Of course, Kassar is saved by the fact that its budget was only $ 10 million , but given the negative criticism, the film will lose most of its audience next week.


According to reviewers, the director was never able to use the acting potential of Morris Chestnut and Regina Hall for the benefit of the film, turning a good idea into a second-rate thriller. In some ways, it is similar to "Lonely White Woman" or even "Fatal Attraction", but in the end it turns out that Cassar and his team used many cliches, depriving the film of any originality.


The third line according to the results of the weekend went to the leader of the last week - the horror " Don't breathe ". As expected, after the holiday weekend, the audience of the film sank by 48%, but the horror movie Federico Alvarez continues to bring profit to the creators. During the week, the tape added another $ 8.2 million to its asset, and now it has $ 66.8 million in its piggy bank. By the way, "Don't Breathe" is the second creation of the Screen Gems studio, which got into the top 5 of the US box office in today's review.


The blockbuster " Suicide Squad " is in no hurry to leave the top five. The weekend ended for the comic book villains with a tally of $ 5.7 million . At home, the film David Eyre grossed $ 307.4 million , and if we take into account the film's achievements outside the United States, then it has already come close to the mark of $ 700 million .


The fifth place was won by another newcomer to the rental - the animated film " Robinson Crusoe: A Very Inhabited Island ", which grossed $ 3.4 million . Studio Lionsgate counted on the amount of $ 5 million , but negative viewer reviews contributed to the final result of the project Vincent Kestelut and Ben Stassen. Do not forget that the film is designed for a very young audience and has performed well in other countries, including USA, but next week it will probably leave the top 5.

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Author: Jake Pinkman