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Tom Hanks to star in new Clint Eastwood movie


Tom Hanks intends to play the main role in the Clint Eastwood movie dedicated to the heroic American pilot Chesley Sullenberg. According to Deadline, negotiations with the famous actor have already entered the final stage.

Recall that the name of Sullenberg became known not only in the United States, but also far beyond its borders in 2009 after the incident with the plane of US Airways, which, after departure from New York airport, both engines failed due to a collision with a flock birds. Sullenberg managed not only to prevent the plane from falling on the city with full fuel tanks, but also to safely land the car on the surface of the Hudson River. As a result of an emergency landing on the water, in which the plane remained almost completely intact, all 155 passengers on board survived. Several people were injured that did not pose a threat to life. Sullenberg, as befits a ship's captain, was the last to leave, making sure that no one was left on board. The project will be based on the autobiography of the hero.

Terms of work on the painting have not yet been specified. Recall that in 2015, viewers will be able to see Tom Hanks in the drama "Spy Bridge", in which he had to play a lawyer appointed as a mediator in the negotiations for the release of pilot Powers from Soviet captivity.

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Author: Jake Pinkman