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Will Disney revive Star Wars: Underworld?

Image In 2005, George Lucas announced to the world that he wanted to create Star Wars: Underworld , which would take place on the planet Coruscant in between events. the third and fourth episodes of his space saga. Over the following years, the creator of the famous franchise has assembled an impressive team of authors, which managed to write scripts for several dozen episodes. Casting for the series started in 2009, but after a few months Lucas decided to suspend work on the project due to budget problems.

In 2012, George sold the rights to the franchise to Disney , leaving the fate of “ Another World ” in limbo. The long-awaited news about the project came only in March 2015, when information appeared on the Web that House of Mouse had found a way to reduce production costs of the series by using the scenery built for the filming of the main film series and its spin-offs. Already at the end of the same year, the president of the studio Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy admitted that the leadership of Disney is really considering the possibility of reviving " Another world ", but then around the series an information vacuum has re-emerged.


Today, Movieweb drew attention to the fact that “ Another World ” unexpectedly received a premiere date on one of the world's leading film portals - IMDb . The site indicates that the first episode of the series will air on December 15, 2018 , and one of the main cast members will be Daniel Logan , who played the young Boba Fett b>in Star Wars: Episode 2 - Attack of the Clones.

At one time, Lucas planned to make the famous bounty hunter one of the key characters of his show. Logan even began training to return to the role of Fett , but the project was soon sent to the shelf. If Disney has decided to keep the work of the creator of the saga, Another World may help it to whet viewers' interest in the upcoming full-length solo album Beans .


It was originally planned that the film about the adventures of Fett would be the second spin-off of " Star Wars ", but then director Josh Trunk left the project. As a result, the management of House of Mouse decided to move its premiere to 2020 and give priority to work on the solo album Han Solo .

In the case of “ Another World ”, we can talk about both a game series and an animation project. It has long been rumored on the Web that the Walt Disney empire is not averse to creating a new animated series based on " Star Wars ". Curiously enough, Daniel Logan already had to voice Bob Fett in the animated hit Star Wars: The Clone Wars.


Fans of the space saga can only hope that the leadership of Disney will comment on rumors about the revival of “ Another World ” in the very near future. Otherwise, fans will have to wait for official news on the future of the franchise until Star Wars Celebration in mid-April.

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