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Star Wars: Through Space and Time

Image As millions of Star Wars fans prepare to return to a galaxy far, far away in the blockbuster The Force Awakens, Disney and Lucasfilm are working hard on creation of the first spin-off of the space saga - the movie "Rogue". The main characters of Gareth Edwards' film will be the resistance fighters who will join forces to complete the mission to steal the plans of the Death Star . A few days ago, news of the start of casting for the spin-off about the adventures of the young Han Solo came from the camp of film companies. Many fans of the franchise were beginning to think that all the Star Wars Anthologies movies would take place between Episodes 3 and 4, but the president of Lucasfilm
It is a coincidence that the first two spin-offs will be prequels to the original trilogy, Kennedy said to Slashfilm . -This situation arose due to the fact that we had to change the order of the release of the films Anthology on the screens. The action of such pictures can unfold at any moment of time".

Initially, the second spin-off was supposed to be a Joshua Trunk film. In the spring, the director found himself at the center of the Fantastic Four blockbuster scandal, soon after which he terminated his agreement with the studio Disney . As a result, the company's management decided to make changes to its release schedule: a film about Han Solo took the place of the so far unnamed project.


The words Kennedy hint that the third spin-off may take place after the events of the original trilogy. According to so far unconfirmed information, the studio bosses are offering Michael B. Jordan to play a character who has fallen into the armor of Boba Fett . Disney officials have yet to announce whether Star Wars fans may consider rescuing the bounty hunter from the mouth of Sarlacc part of the new canon.


The ability to move the action of the upcoming spin-offs beyond the time period between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope could open the way to the big screens for projects about the era of the Old Republic and the soloists of Yoda , Qui-Gon Jinn , Darth Maul and other popular heroes.


According to Kennedy , Disney is also considering reviving George Lucas's television project, Star Wars: Underworld . At one time, the creator of the saga had scripts for hundreds of episodes on hand, but the series could not go into work due to the high budget. In March of this year, it became known that the bosses of Disney can significantly reduce the costs of their television shows by using the scenery built in London studio Pinewood for the spin-offs and films of the third trilogy ... The Disney partner in the work on the series may be the online service Netflix , with which the Walt Disney Empire has already successfully collaborated on the creation of adaptations of the Marvel comics - "Daredevil" ( Daredevil ) and "Jessica Jones" ( Jessica Jones ). According to insiders, Lucas planned to place a group of bounty hunters at the center of the plot of “ Another World .


The Force Awakens will be released in USA on December 17 .

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