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Richard Gere protecting the family. Trailer for Drama ”Dinner”

Image How far are you willing to go to save your child? And if it is about the fact that he committed a crime, and you need to cover your tracks? And what about the consequences of this parental cover? Who will the beloved child turn into in the future, if from childhood he understands that, having power and connections, it is not necessary to observe the law? Oscar nominee director Oren Muverman, who directed the psychological drama "Dinner" based on the novel by Herman Koch, invites us to speculate about all this. The world premiere took place this winter at the Berlin Film Festival, where the film was nominated for the main award, the Golden Bear.

In the center of the plot are two married couples gathered in a restaurant for a sumptuous dinner. Paul Lohman dislikes his brother Stan, a famous politician, believing that he thinks only of himself and his career. Paul's wife Claire, anticipating a pleasant leisure time, persuades her husband to forget about the differences for a while, but at the very beginning of the meal Stan decides to lay all the cards on the table. Both couples have sons, and, as it turned out, both of them are guilty of a monstrous, but not yet solved crime, which they committed out of stupidity. Now the Loman need to make the most important decision in life: to act according to the dictates of their conscience or to defend teenagers, risking their own status and, possibly, freedom.

The slogan of the film reads: "The exclusive menu contains anger, envy, madness, cruelty and tenderness". However, the trailer shows that the list of “dishes” is far from complete. As a delicacy, the audience is offered the excellent performance of such famous actors as Richard Gere, Steve Coogan, Chloe Sevigny and Laura Linney. In addition, critics who have already appreciated the tape have separately praised the tense atmosphere, which contrasts with the magnificent interiors of the restaurant and haute cuisine. At a certain point, a family dispute reaches a boiling point and turns the film into a real feast of the spirit for connoisseurs of this genre.

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In our cinemas "Dinner" starts on November 9th.

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