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Amazon to report on the Roman invasion of Britain

Image If Hollywood studios have not been very fond of the peplum genre lately, then the world of television regularly pleases the audience with spectacular historical series. As reported by Variety , the American streaming service Amazon will join forces with British media corporation Sky on the drama series Britain ( Britannia ).

The script for the series belongs to the Englishman Jez Butterworth, whose track record includes such blockbusters as "Edge of the Future" and "007: SPECTRUM". The ten-episode series will star Kelly Reilly (Sherlock Holmes), David Morrissey ( The Walking Dead ) and Zoe Wanamaker (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone).

The historical drama will unfold in AD 43. during the Roman attack on Britain. The army under the leadership of the commander Aulus Plautius will face fierce resistance from the fearless Celtic warriors and powerful druids. Meanwhile, the warriors Kerra and Anthedia will decide to bury the ax of war and unite in the face of a common threat ...


The Celts were not only powerful warriors, but they also had a special belief system that made them virtually invincible, Butterworth stated. -The last time the legionnaires faced the Britons, Julius Caesar had to turn his army back. In our series, viewers will see how, after almost a hundred years, the Roman Empire will make a new attempt to invade Britain”.

The production team will include Nicholas Brown ( Penny Dreadful ), Anne Tomopoulos ( Rome ) and Rick McCallum (Star Wars: Episode 4 - A New Hope "), which chose the Czech Republic and Wales as the main filming locations. Britain is expected to premiere next year.


It is curious that last spring the French company Backup Films announced its desire to create a television series with the same name. In the center of the plot of her serial drama will be the queen of the British tribe of Icemen Boudicca .

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