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Review of Total War Saga Thrones of Britannia - Perfect Total War ... for newbies


As skeptics have not tried to bury the PC industry over the past 15 years, but on the example of the release of such large projects as Total War Saga Thrones of Britannia, it becomes obvious that games on computers are more alive than all living things. Total War is a highly conservative franchise where games have identical gameplay concepts, and innovations are added so neatly that at first glance it can be difficult to distinguish the different parts of the series from each other.

In our review, we will tell you what the new Creative Assembly has been added to the game and whether it is worth buying the next Total War for players previously unfamiliar with the series.

Age of Kings and Vikings

In 876, the islands of Great Britain were going through a period of bloody strife, when Anglo-Saxon kings fought with fair-haired raiders for the smallest pieces of land. Vikings, Celts, Jutes, and Saxons acted with decisive methods to show their superiority - a minimum of diplomacy and as much brutality as possible. A sharp sword and a large army are the main arguments in any geopolitical dispute of the Middle Ages.

It is in the era of these events that gamers will have to take part in Thrones of Britannia. The games of the Total War series have always been not just a guide to the historical era, but also allowed you to rewrite the chronicles with your own hands, turn the course of history at your own discretion, and the new part of the series still provides this opportunity.

Total War Saga Thrones of Britannia review. Review

For example, you can, playing as the Vikings, call Britain the original Nordic lands and turn the indigenous people of England into lifelong slavery. Or, follow the canonical historical scenario and unite England under the banner of Alfred the Great. In total, the storyline company offers 10 scenarios, one for each faction.

Unite and Conquer

The main gameplay concept of the series remained intact: it is still a game that skillfully combines state management on a global map with large-scale battles in real time. Even though the mechanics of Thrones of Britannia have been simplified in many ways, the threshold for entering the game remains high.

Total War Saga Thrones of Britannia review. Review

As before, you will have to monitor a dozen parameters, such as the degree of trust of the commanders in you and the stock of provisions in military units. But the elimination of religion, sanitation, agents and edicts makes the new Total War the most understandable part of the series for newcomers.

Does this make the game less interesting? Here the answer is ambiguous, as numerous changes have made the game much more dynamic. For example, to recruit units, there is no longer any need to build separate buildings, and their formation is instantaneous. As you can see, in medieval Britain, only give the peasants a reason to fight and they will gladly perform in the name of the glorious king.

Total War Saga Thrones of Britannia review. Review

Units, if necessary, can be improved, made more resilient and fearless, which turns them not just into a handful of extras, but into full-fledged heroes with whom you will spend tens of hours. Generals act as an additional modifier of unit strength. In Thrones of Britannia, they also took on the role of agents and, thanks to pumping, will be able to conquer enemy settlements with a strong fist or with eloquence.

As much as you would like, but you will not be able to rule each province alone. Governors in Total War are also individual living characters who will always have to please. Either give an additional settlement, then marry a beautiful Aryan appearance.

In general, you will have to indulge to know all the time, otherwise, not having time to exclaim "And you, Brutus ?!" feel a stab in the back. From any wrong actions, the state will burst at the seams, the freedom-loving people of Britain in Total War do not forgive ignoring or excessive diktat and are always ready to go up in revolt against a self-appointed king.

Total War Saga Thrones of Britannia review. Review

With Shield and Sword

When diplomatic means are exhausted, and the soul craves for adrenaline, the force method is the best way to turn enemy tribes to your side. Thrones of Britannia even pushes for battles itself, since the subjects have the parameter "Combat fervor" and if you do not stop the warriors' craving for bloodshed, then they can direct their blades in your direction.

The mechanics of battles in the new Total War have migrated almost unchanged from other parts of the series. Spectacular battles with the participation of thousands of warriors will once again force you to show your best skills as a commander. Indeed, the outcome of the battle is influenced primarily not by the quantitative superiority of the army, but by the competent management of its wards.

Total War Saga Thrones of Britannia review. Review

Among the innovations can be noted the ability to make sudden night raids on enemy cities, which makes it impossible for the adversaries to call friendly units to their aid.

Best Total War For Gamers New To The Series

Numerous simplifications in mechanics have made Thrones of Britannia the best entry point for one of the most popular strategy series in game history. But as for hardcore gamers who have been familiar with the series since the original Shogun of 2000, it is difficult for them to recommend buying a new Total War. The game does not offer anything fundamentally new, so the best solution would be to take a discount strategy, just after the release of numerous patches.

Total War Saga Thrones of Britannia review. Review

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