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Pennywise scared USAn viewers by a record amount

Image The second week of autumn was marked not only by an increase in total receipts, which amounted to 724 million rubles. (which is almost 25% more than last weekend), but also by the establishment of several box office records at once. This merit belongs to the triumphant of the past weekend - the American horror " It ". Based on the cult novel of the same name by Stephen King, the film tells the story of the small town of Derry, Maine, where terrible things happen every 27 years. After once again children start to disappear in the city, several teenagers are forced to engage in a fight with an evil clown named Pennywise , and at the same time overcome their own fears.

This is not the first film adaptation of King's . In 1990, the American-Canadian miniseries directed by Tommy Lee Wallace was released on television, in which Tim Curry got the main role of the creepy killer clown. This time the director's chair was taken by the Argentinean Andres Muschetti, in whose piggy bank there is a horror film "Mama" with Jessica Chastain and Nikolai Koster-Waldau, which showed very good results at the box office. Bill Skarsgard portrayed the sinister clown in the new film adaptation, and he had an excellent cast of young actors, including Mysterious Events star Finn Wolfard, as well as Jaden Lieberer, Sophia Lillis, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Chozen Jacobs, and Wake Oleff.


Despite the fact that, unfortunately, not all film adaptations of Stephen King novels turn out to be successful, fans are still looking forward to them. This time, the interest in the struggle of a group of teenagers against a demon clown surpassed all expectations of film distributors. During the premiere weekend, the tape scared the audience in the amount of 417 million rubles. Such starting results are a record for horror films. Until now, the first line in this rating was occupied by the fifth part of "Destination", which earned in 2011 for the first weekend 230 million rubles. The film showed the maximum gross among the films released in September. Previously, the leadership belonged to Lucy Besson's tape, which three years ago collected 363 million rubles at the start.

The film Andres Muschetti and another recently released film adaptation of the works of King left far behind on the premiere collection. Fantastic action movie "The Dark Tower" with Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey was released in early August. For the first weekend, the tape earned 266 million rubles. , and so far it has managed to bring the creators 509 million rubles. We can say that the coming weekend will allow "It" easily overtake the charges of adventures of the last Arrow and Man in Black .


Most critics and viewers reacted to the new creation of Muschetti extremely positively, being impressed by the gloomy atmosphere, skillfully inflated by the director with the help of visual and sound effects. The well-designed characters did not leave anyone indifferent, each of whom was given enough time for the viewer to begin to sincerely worry about their fate, nervously fidgeting in the chair. Much credit for this belongs to the well-chosen cast. Young characters look very organic on the screen, convincingly conveying the whole gamut of emotions that 13-year-olds can experience, from the first love to the numbing fear.

There are also a lot of compliments addressed to Bill Skarsgard , who brilliantly managed to transform himself into absolute evil. No matter what the clowns themselves say, after watching this film, any sympathy for them actually completely evaporates. Muschetti has a great atmospheric horror movie that turns out to be a dramatic story of the main characters growing up. The film may not completely follow the letter of the original, but it can be safely called one of the best adaptations of the books of Stephen King . Now all that remains is to wait for the continuation of the story, while you can dream up which of the actors is suitable for the roles of the matured members of the Losers Club .


The second place in the financial rating by a huge margin from the leader is occupied by the winner of the last week, detective-mystical thriller “ Gogol. Home ". Compared to the premiere box office, this weekend's results are down more than 60%. In total, the USA film about the adventures of the young Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol, investigating the murders of young virgins and fighting with evil spirits, has currently managed to earn 358 million rubles. Last weekend brought an additional 82 million rubles to the creators' piggy bank.


Another novelty of this week, the American crime comedy " Logan's Luck ", started from third place. Steven Soderbergh's new creation tells the story of a daring robbery that the brothers Jimmy and Clyde Logan decided to pull off during a major auto race, accompanied by an outgoing explosives specialist nicknamed Joe Babach . Returning to big cinema, Soderbergh filmed what he called "anti-Ocean". The chic casinos and the stylishly dressed thieves of the highest class were replaced by the southern flavor and simple hard workers and criminals, who often look like complete losers. The main roles in the film went to Channing Tatum, Adam Driver and Daniel Craig, the last of whom had a lot of fun,
Opinions about the new item were divided among the audience. Someone found the plot fascinating, while others call the film boring and complain about the lack of dynamism. But both of them celebrate vivid types, acting, humor and irony of what is happening on the screen. The first weekend in the USA box office brought the film 48 million rubles. Among the recent films of the winner of the Oscar Steven Soderbergh , this is far from the best, but not worst result. The director's last film, the drama "Side Effect", earned a total of only 23 million rubles for the entire rental period in 2013, but "Super Mike" five years ago started with a mark in 52 million rubles. , while In 2011, Infection received from viewers 62 million rubles. for the premiere weekend.


On the fourth line of the rating was the romantic almanac “ About Love. For adults only ". The collection of the tape sank by only 23% compared to the previous week and amounted to 28 million rubles. In total, the picture has currently collected 88 million rubles. , having overtaken the first part in terms of collection. which two years ago earned a little more than 55 million rubles.


Last week, the French animated comedy Watch of the Jungle was in charge of children's leisure, which was ranked fifth on the leaderboard. The film, directed by David Alo, tells the story of a brindle penguin named Maurice , who believes that he really is a tiger - a hero that the jungle needs. Together with his motley, in the literal sense of the word, team called "Watch of the Jungle" , he is on guard of justice and peace. One fine day Maurice has to face an insidious and ruthless enemy - the koala Igor and his army of not too smart baboons.

At the start of the film, which was distributed by the company Volga , it was possible to master 28 million rubles. This result is noticeably worse than the receipts of the last two releases of the film distributor. The cartoons "Underwater Era" and "Become a Legend" released in summer! Bigfoot Junior "for the first weekend brought in 42 million rubles. each.

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