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Bill Skarsgard: “On the set of Ono, the children were kept away from me”

Image There are many canon horror characters, but perhaps the most recognizable is the clown Pennywise - a child eater, invented by Stephen King as the embodiment of the absolute evil that haunts the small town of Derry in the epic novel "It" . When the book was adapted into a miniseries in 1990, Tim Curry transformed the character into a living, breathing force of evil that makes viewers numb with horror with his sinister smile and voice and rooted in a generation of children the fear of clowns.

In the new adaptation of the novel Stephen King Pennywise , Bill Skarsgard plays, who completely reimagines this character. Movie fans who grew up on the version of Tim Curry may be somewhat surprised, since here we are dealing with a completely different interpretation of the image - Pennywise Skarsgard is not as energetic and arrogant, but rather more sinister and serpentine insinuating.

In an interview, Bill told how he created the voice of Pennywise , delving into his own fears, working with young actors and much more.


One of the most memorable aspects of Tim Curry's Pennywise image was his voice. What will he be in the new film, how will he sound?

I played around with different sounds, and in the process everything changed. At first, it was working with an abstract image, because I did not know how a clown looks in full makeup, and was just looking for a sound that would resonate with the audience as much as possible. Gradually we added something, and when I saw myself in the image, everything started to clear up.

Pennywise is an interesting character because he is fluid and volatile, he exudes a vibe of horror, projecting the fears of the children he torments. What was it like playing what scares?

Well, I have feelings of my own, so you see my fears too. (Laughs) An important part of working on a character is asking yourself - what are the things that really make me nervous? Then you just investigate it and include it in the image. From a performance standpoint, your own fears only improve the outcome. In fact, what you end up seeing in the movie is my own deepest phobias embodied in this character. (Laughs)


This is obviously extremely abstract. It is an entity that takes the form of a clown. First, it was necessary to find out what kind of entity it was, and only then create the clown himself. I wanted the very "it" to peep through this mask. There is a line in the original book that says "the clown was his favorite form." It preferred to assume that shape. Why did he enjoy it so much? I tried to answer this question by embodying the character and it was really interesting.

Often, when an actor plays a role that has already been played before him, he tries not to watch the previous version. But Tim Curry's performance became canon. How did you deal with this and how did you bring something of your own?

I figured out this issue even before I got down to work. I watched the miniseries and it's good. Yes, the performance of Tim Curry is great, but the merits of our project are obvious to me. The fact is that people who read the book for the first time see their Pennywise . And viewers who watch the mini-series also see their Pennywise , already different. There are already two versions, two interpretations. So, in a sense, there are an infinite number of different Pennywise .

I watched the miniseries and appreciated the work of Tim Curry , but now we're doing something completely different. I wouldn't see the point in making a movie similar to the one that's already out, so I didn't try to think too much about it. I was just trying really hard to create my own interpretation of Stephen King .

Image Almost every scene involves children. How do you work with young actors, given the fact that you have to scare them all the time?

The kids in our movie are great. We were really lucky with the cast that ended up ... We tried to keep them away from me to create real tension between them and Pennywise . Plus, they had been filming together for about a month before we started the scenes with the cruel clown.

Some moments were quite stressful and intense physically, and one day I even decided to make sure that one of the boys was okay. And he told me: “Yes, that's great, dude! It is amazing! I love what you do with the character! " He was so excited, and it was so touching that I realized that I was not just dealing with children. These are real little actors. Just encourage them and they will do a great job and come up with their own ideas. They are very smart and creative people. It was great to work with them. The only actor with whom I had to work more carefully is the performer of the role of Georgie , the youngest of them, he is seven years old. It was obvious that he was overly impressed by my appearance in the storm drain. (Laughs) But in real life we are great friends!

How was it working with Andres Muschetti?

I love working with Andy , he is amazing. During the filming, we became great friends, we developed a special bond. We both had similar ideas about what we would like to do with the character. This started during the casting process and continued throughout the production. It even seems to me that we did not really discuss my character, because even without it we were always on the same wavelength in our actions. This is not as common as we would like in an actor-director relationship, and I look forward to working with him in the future.


You said that you used the original Stephen King's book for the character ...

Of course! The adapted script cannot convey the full depth of this hero, it just shows him mystical. As for me, I must understand and feel it in order to show something else besides mysticism. The book has many great chapters, in particular the chapter where she is the narrator and you hear his thoughts. Why is he here? What does he like? What's not to like? So that was a good source of material. Much more is happening with this character than we are shown, and I hope I managed to convey this rich and eventful inner life of him.

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