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”It” summoned the clown Pennywise

Image In February this year, producer Roy Lee announced that the film adaptation of Stephen King's novel It could go into production before the end of this year. According to The Hollywood Reporter , the famous long-term construction has taken an important step towards the big screen: Studio New Line Cinema and director Andres Muschetti have moved the project to the casting stage.

In 1990, the book King of Horrors has already become the basis of the plot of the mini-series on the ABC channel. The television adaptation has earned critical praise for Tim Curry's brilliant reincarnation as one of the monstrous creatures It - the clown Pennywise .

Work on a full-length film adaptation of King's novel started seven years ago. Guillermo del Toro showed interest in the project, but in the end, the director's chair went to Carey Fukunaga, who proposed to divide the film into two parts. It was planned that the first one will tell about children from the so-called Losers' Club , who faced an ancient evil in the small town of Derry. In the second part, the audience had to meet the already grown heroes, who were forced to once again enter the battle with the very horror.


Last May, Fukunaga cast Will Poulter for the role of Pennywise , but a few days later the filmmaker unexpectedly left the film due to creative differences with the studio bosses. Andres Muschetti was soon appointed as the new director of the horror, and the fate of Poulter remained in limbo for a long time. In the end, the actor chose to do other projects, as a result of which the producers had to re-cast for one of the key roles.

According to insiders, Pennywise in Muschetti will be portrayed by Bill Skarsgard (“Hemlock Grove” / Hemlock Grove , “ Divergent, Chapter 3: Behind the Wall "). Jaden Lieberer ("Saint Vincent"), who, according to rumors, got the role of the leader of the Losers' Club - Bill Denbrough , will accompany the representative of the famous Swedish acting dynasty on the screen. The cast also includes young actors Finn Wolfhard, Jack Grazer, Wyatt Oleff, Chozen Jacobs and Jeremy Rae Taylor.


The film adaptation is expected to not only retain the two-part format, but also target the R age limit. The first part of " It " will appear on USA screens on September 7, 2017 .

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