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Batman remains on guard for the US box office

Image Last weekend ( February 17-19 ), none of the newcomers to the North American box office again could oppose at least something weighty to the leading animated film " Lego Movie: Batman ". At the same time, the new creation of Gore Verbinski, the psychological thriller "Cure for Health", did not even make it into the top 5 and only managed to close the top ten in the financial rating.

As for the spin-off of the Lego franchise. Film, ”he earned almost as much over the weekend as his two pursuers put together. In the second week, the cartoon Chris McKay added to the piggy bank $ 34.2 million , and now his achievements in the North American box office are estimated at $ 98.8 million . Already on Monday, the tape will definitely cross the mark of $ 100 million , and its earnings outside the United States are now $ 72 million .

It is noteworthy that the drop in the viewership of the film turned out to be quite insignificant, and all because the reviews "The Lego Movie: Batman" received mostly positive. Action and humor are organically intertwined in the cartoon, and, according to critics, Chris McKay managed to understand the iconic character from DC comics much better than Zack Snyder.


The second place after Batman is still taken by the sequel "Fifty Shades of Gray". Melodrama " Fifty Shades Darker " raised another $ 21 million . Painting James Foley did not follow the path of pessimistic forecasts and lost only 55% of the original amount in a week. So far the film has earned $ 89.7 million in the United States, but thanks to viewers from other countries who decided to see firsthand the struggle of Christian Gray with his demons, it boasts $ 276.9 million at the worldwide box office (including home fees). This is a very good result for a tape with a budget of $ 55 million .


There were few critics who praised the film James Foley , but they at least noted that the sequel has a kind of coherent plot, and the writers did not forget to include a couple of jokes. In addition, reviewers were impressed by Jamie Dornan, who in the second part feels more comfortable in the image of a sexy billionaire with special tastes.


The third position went to the historical epic " Great Wall " - one of the most expensive films ever made with the participation of the Celestial Empire. An impressive $ 150 million was spent on the production of the picture, and therefore it is quite understandable the disappointment of its creators after they saw the first figures in the North American box office - only $ 18.1 million went to the piggy bank of the tape on the first weekend.

But this is not a reason to be sad, because only in China "Great Wall" has already managed to raise $ 171 million . True, the critics were not too happy with the film, and moviegoers gave it an average B rating. At the same time, the futuristic and historical picture is unlikely to be included in the golden fund of cinema, but the director Zhang Yimou at least presented the audience with a two-hour performance with bright colors and breathtaking views.


The sequel to John Wick dropped to fourth place. The second part added another $ 16.5 million to its financial asset. At home, the thriller has earned almost $ 60 million , and globally - all $ 90 million . The film can rightfully be called one of the best modern action films, it was not in vain that it delighted moviegoers with a finely-tuned choreography of battles and an abundance of quality action.


The comedy " Battle of the Teachers " from the studio New Line closes the top five. The film Richie Keane started at the box office at $ 12 million . Cinema goers were not very impressed with the picture, as well as critics, who found many flaws in it. Predictable, stupid and pointless - this is how the professional community speaks of the tape, but reviewers noted that by the end of the timing, Keene and his team had improved. True, this is not enough to rehabilitate itself in the eyes of disappointed viewers.

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Author: Jake Pinkman