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US Box Office: Batman Kicked Away

Image For two weeks, the animated film " The Lego Movie: Batman " managed to retain its leadership in the US box office, but last weekend the toy Dark Knight was deprived of the palm by another horror movie from the company Blumhouse .

Thus, the horror movie " Get Out " finished the week in the first position, having collected an impressive $ 30.5 million at the start, and this despite the fact that its budget was only $ 4 , 5 million . Jordan Peele reinforced the positive trend set by the previous works of Blumhouse , because just a few weeks ago American viewers were able to conquer their own thriller "Split". According to journalists, the studio has chosen the right strategy - it relies on a well-thought scenario, not on special effects, leaving the budget of its projects within $ 10 million .

The tape Get Out debuted at the Sundance Festival, where it attracted the attention of critics who highly appreciated the brainchild of Saw . Horror continues to hold the highest 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes , with early moviegoers giving it an A- rating. In addition, the horror film acted as a kind of rehabilitation for Jordan Peel as a screenwriter - last year the comedy action film Keanu, where Peel also played one of the main characters, barely managed collect $ 20 million at the box office.


Reviewers are in full praise, calling Get Out a brilliant and clever horror movie, a term that is rarely received by the genre. The fact is that, in addition to the usual haunted house with all the ensuing consequences, the horror team skillfully weaved comedic elements and social satire into its plot.


The cartoon "The Lego Movie: Batman" had to go down one line. The vice-leader of the financial ranking added $ 19 million to his piggy bank, and now his gross at home is $ 133 million , and worldwide - $ 226 million . We can already say that, despite the good reviews, the spin-off of the Lego franchise. Film "will not be able to reach the results of its predecessor, who once earned $ 469.1 million . However, this does not prevent director Chris McKay from reaping the rewards of success - a few days ago, the studio Warner Bros. offered him to lead the filming of a blockbuster about Nightwing .


Action-thriller " John Wick II " last weekend was content with the third position. The film Chad Stahelski added an additional $ 9 million to its financial asset. In the United States, the sequel was enriched by $ 74.4 million , and outside of home theaters, the film received $ 51.1 million at its disposal. Considering that the first part has collected much less during its stay in cinemas ( $ 88.8 million ), it is already possible to make plans for the continuation of the film series. And actor Keanu Reeves recently shared his ideas for the triquel with journalists. It is possible that Lionsgate will make an official announcement about the third John Wick soon.


On the fourth line at the end of the week was the epic of the joint production of the US and China " Great Wall ". The film, starring Matt Damon, added an additional $ 8.7 million to its previous earnings. True, the film in the North American box office does not justify the hopes of the creators - only $ 34.4 million with a budget of $ 150 million . Yes, and The Great Wall has earned a lot of negative reviews - critics drew attention to the clumsy plot, crude script and weak acting of most of the actors.


The melodrama “ Fifty Shades Darker ” came to the fifth place. Of all the top 10, the James Foley film lost the most viewers, resulting in an additional $ 7.7 million . With a budget of $ 55 million , the picture has already raised $ 103.6 million , and this is only at home. Considering that, thanks to viewers from other countries, she has $ 328.3 million to her credit, Universal should be happy, because the professional community is commenting on the creation of Fowleyis not too flattering.

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