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Happy death day at the US box office

Image Prior to the premiere of Blade Runner 2049, many analysts believed Denis Villeneuve's science fiction film would dominate the North American box office throughout October. And if last week the film managed to take the first line of the financial top-5, albeit with an absolutely not impressive result, then last weekend (October 13-15) the Blade Runner sequel said goodbye to the leadership position.

Another horror movie from the company of Jason Bloom managed to shift the fantastic thriller from the top line. The horror movie Happy Day of Death finished its first week at the box office with a gross of $ 26.5 million and was one of those Blumhouse creations that paid off their small budget on their debut weekend. This year, Bloom delighted viewers with such horror films as "Split" and "Get Out", which earned $ 40 million and $ 33.4 million in the first weekend, respectively. The start of Happy Death Day is close to that of Visit, which grossed more than $ 60 million in North American box office.

It is noteworthy that all these horror films are original films, the creators of which knew perfectly well what their target audience needed. Universal's clever marketing campaign attracted young people to Happy Death Day, which Blade Runner 2049 failed to do. And let the cinema goers give the film by Christopher Landon an average B, such a rating is quite a standard reaction of connoisseurs of this genre. The same “Ouiji. Devil's Board "," Judgment Night "and most of" Paranormal Activity "received only C marks.


In favor of "Blade Runner 2049" played the fact that it premiered on Friday the 13th. Sometime on the same day, Paramount planned to release the tape "Mom!" Darren Aronofsky, but postponed the release to September, and how this decision turned out, movie fans already know. As for the critics, they rated the new horror movie average. The main thing is that the creators of the bloody version of Groundhog Day did not take what was happening seriously, which is why the film with its comedic notes only wins, although the director does not always manage to keep the viewer in suspense.


Blade Runner 2049 never managed to win the public's love. In the second week, the audience of the film sank by more than 50%, which resulted in a modest amount of $ 15.1 million by the standards of blockbusters. Now the account of Villeneuve's tape has $ 60.6 million with a huge budget of $ 150 million. It is hoped that Blade Runner 2049 "at least will qualify for" Oscar ". Otherwise, Villeneuve's creation will fail on all fronts, and the beauty among the fleeing will remain unnoticed ...

The third line of the top-5 was taken by the newcomer of the rental, the action movie "Foreigner". The movie starring Jackie Chan made $ 12.8 million in its first weekend, although distributors were counting on a more modest result. Previous US-China co-production projects have not made an impression in the American box office. Moreover, both the "Great Wall" and "Warcraft" failed in it, reaching the level of self-sufficiency at the expense of the audience from the Middle Kingdom. But "Foreigner" is a completely different story. The action, filmed by Martin Campbell, debuted in China at the end of September, and therefore already boasts a $ 101.2 million box office.


Of course, the main asset of the picture is Jackie Chan himself, who for the first time in a couple of years chose not a comedy, but a serious film. Pierce Brosnan was a match for him, and the audience liked "Foreigner". Critics were divided over Campbell's tape. Some appreciated the action scenes combining the director's simple style and Jackie Chan's skill, while others were struck by the crumpled and incoherent plot of the action movie.

The horror "It" still excites the minds of viewers, despite the fact that this past weekend Andres Muschetti's film got a competitor. Pennywise's piggy bank was replenished by $ 6.1 million, and now it has collected $ 314.9 million. If you add $ 315.7 million earned in other countries to them, you get $ 630.6 million - an impressive amount for a $ 35 million budget, and “ It ”is already in ninth place in the list of highest grossing releases of the year.


The melodrama "Mountains Between Us" had to be content with a modest amount of $ 5.7 million. Hani Abu-Assad's tape did not show a brilliant result the previous week, and now hopes to recoup the budget of $ 35 million at home are melting before our eyes. So far, the picture has $ 20.5 million, and overseas viewers have forked out $ 9.7 million.

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