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US Boxing Office is Slowly Running on the Blade

Image Even before the weekend began, there was no doubt that Blade Runner 2049 would lead North American distribution. However, the sci-fi thriller failed to repeat the success of the horror "It", and the beginning of October in the US box office turned out to be rather calm.

The film by Denis Villeneuve, as expected, finished the first weekend at the top of the top 5, and its gross was $ 31.5 million. Even before the sequel was released, distributors, comparing it to the latest Mad Max, expected the tape to work on the premiere weekend about $ 45-55 million, but every day their hopes dwindled.

As audiences walked to the Blade Runner 2049 movie screenings without much eagerness, critics were scattered with praise. In their opinion, the film is a grandiose performance that is sometimes satirical, sometimes tragic, or even completely romantic. Many years have passed since the release of the cult Blade Runner, and the visual picture in the sequel has certainly gone far from the original. Reviewers are not even afraid to call Villeneuve's painting one of the best creations of the year.


But if Blade Runner 2049 is so good, why did the audience ignore it mostly? Analysts primarily blame the ill-conceived promotional campaign. When you advertise a $ 150 million movie, you can't target only an audience that knows and loves the original. The management of Alcon Entertainment, which completely took over all marketing, did not consider that the younger generation might not be familiar with the Blade Runner universe. Several short films released were not enough to interest those who had never heard of replicants before.

The lack of audience interest can also be explained by the timing of the tape. Not everyone wants to spend three hours on a film session that cannot boast of a super-dynamic storyline like Mad Max. Rumor has it that Denis Villeneuve, before the premiere of the sequel, asked not to disclose its details, since "Blade Runner 2049" is a complex picture, and movie fans should understand it themselves. Based on the first financial results, it never happened.


Outside of the United States, the Blade Runner sequel grossed $ 50.2 million, meaning that $ 100 million for the first weekend is out of the question. According to press statements, Villeneuve's tape needs to cross the $ 400 million mark to fully pay off, but insiders believe this figure is an underestimate. On the other hand, Blade Runner 2049 is a potential Oscar nominee, and if the film enters the fight for the main film award, interest in it will grow at least slightly.

The second place is occupied by another newcomer of the rental, the drama "Mountains Between Us". The film, based on the bestseller of the same name by Charles Martin, began a trip to cinemas with the amount of $ 10.1 million. 20th Century Fox did not spend money on a large-scale advertising campaign, and Kate Winslet and Idris Elba, who played the main roles in the film, were supposed to attract viewers to the sessions. ... And although the results of the weekend are in line with expectations, they are not yet helping to recoup the $ 35 million budget.


At the same time, visitors to the cinemas were satisfied with the film of Hani Abu-Assad, giving him an A- rating. Reviewers with such a high rating would argue that they saw nothing outstanding in the drama. Stories about survival in the mountains are not uncommon for a long time, and therefore everything in the tape seems to be secondary. Romance, adventures, charming heroes that evoke sympathy - all this makes "Mountains Between Us" quite a standard melodrama, which, due to its predictability and even improbability, is unlikely to be remembered for a long time by a sophisticated viewer.


The third line went to the horror film "It" with its $ 9.7 million, which has been emptying the pockets of moviegoers for the fifth week in a row. American audiences alone claimed $ 304.9 million for the film. Add to that $ 298.8 million from other countries, and it turns out that Andres Muschetti's picture earned 17 times its production budget.


Another rental debut, the animated film "My Little Pony in the Movie", was content with only fourth place. No matter how many brilliant and bright posters the creators of the cartoon release, the audience's interest in it has not increased. They agreed to spend a total of $ 8.8 million on viewing a painting about the inhabitants of Ponyville. As with LEGO Ninjago, the film had to offer something unique for families to stop watching My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic on TV and go to theaters.

But the cartoon is not saved either by musical numbers, or by the abundance of rainbows and multi-colored cakes. He may delight fans of ponies, but otherwise "My Little Pony in the Movie" is a project for girls, a little silly and funny. With the same success, you can watch several episodes of the animated series, and at the end include the video of the singer Sia for the song `` Rainbow ''.


Closing today's review of the action blockbuster "Kingsman: The Golden Ring", which earned an additional $ 8.1 million. Now British and American spies can boast of $ 80 million, while not reaching the budget of $ 104 million. The situation is saved by overseas viewers with their impressive $ 173.6 million

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Author: Jake Pinkman