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USA Boxing Office fell victim to Constructor

Image Distributors have a rule: in the last week of October, it is worth releasing only horror movies, because this genre is especially popular before Halloween. In the 21st century, this rule has always been followed by the Saw franchise, and the eighth part was no exception. On the other hand, such a move can result in disappointment, as US residents are immersed in holiday chores. The creators of "It" and "Happy Day of Death" took this alignment into account, but "Saw 8" paid off in the end.

The franchise returned to the screens after a seven-year hiatus, however, judging by the first results, the audience was not too happy about this fact. In the last weekend in October, the horror film by Peter and Michael Spirigov grossed $ 16.3 million, although journalists predicted it would start from the $ 20 million mark. If we compare the eighth part with the rest of the films in the series, then by this indicator it is in the tail of the list - in seventh place after “ Saws 6 "with her $ 14.1 million.

Such a weak start is understandable. Now, originality is held in high esteem among moviegoers, and therefore the old horror franchises have lost their relevance. Paramount Studios, which had been preparing a reboot of Friday the 13th for years, eventually shut down the project. In February, "Calls" buried the film series about the girl Samara, and "The Amityville Horror: The Awakening" lay on the shelf for two years, waiting for release. And if the premiere of the horror film did take place in USA, then in the USA it was released in limited release only last week, collecting a modest $ 742.


Critics also stabbed the designer in the back. Even if there are a couple of interesting scenes in Saw 8, the overall picture looks rather strange. It would seem that in seven years, the creators of the franchise had to make every effort to ensure that the eighth part amazed fans of the film series and attracted new viewers. However, the tape is no longer as shocking as its predecessors did, despite the huge amount of blood. All in all, time and money can be better spent by revising the original Saw.


In second place was another horror movie from the studio Lionsgate: "Halloween Madea 2" added $ 10 million to its financial asset. Due to the fact that the target audience of Tyler Perry's film and the eighth "Saw" are different, old Madea lost only half of the viewers. Now her achievements in the North American box office are estimated at $ 35.5 million, which is already not bad, given the attitude of critics to Perry's tape. The director made a completely unfunny movie, the quality of which, both in technical and plot terms, leaves much to be desired.


The disaster film Geostorm dropped to third position, earning an additional $ 5.7 million. The American public for Dean Devlin's film is completely lost, as evidenced by the $ 23.6 million raised in two weeks. Fortunately, there are other countries whose residents have brought $ 113.4 million to Geostorm's piggy bank. The tape started well in China, which means that it still has a chance to improve its financial situation at least a little. On the other hand, it will hardly be able to recoup the budget of $ 120 million.

The horror film “Happy Day of Death” also entered the top five for the week. Christopher Landon's film grossed $ 5.1 million over the weekend and now has $ 48.4 million to his credit, ten times the tape's production budget. Lionsgate has a lot to learn from Blumhouse churning out one profitable horror after another.


Closes the top 5 "Blade Runner 2049" with $ 4 million earned over the weekend, and $ 81.4 million - for the entire time in the North American box office. Considering the film's collection outside the United States, it now has $ 222.4 million. Studio Warner Bros. hoped that the sequel to "Blade Runner" will interest the audience from the Middle Kingdom, but these hopes dashed: the fantastic thriller has mastered about $ 9 million in the first weekend - a rather modest amount by the standards of the Chinese market.

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Author: Jake Pinkman