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Lego Superheroes Return to the Big Screens

Image The universe, built from Lego blocks, continues to expand. Chris McKay (Robot Chicken), co-director of Lego. The Movie, which also directed its spin-off, The Lego The Movie: Batman, hinted on Twitter that Bruce Wayne might return.

The other day, McKay, in response to a fan message, posted a tweet, where he said that work on the creation of the second part was already underway. He did not share the details of the project, only teased another fan with a comment that the sequel might not be about Batman at all, but about Superman.

"Lego. Film "and" Lego the Movie: Batman "in total grossed 780 million dollars at the worldwide box office, having already amazed, it would seem, all viewers who have seen an unusual visual style. In the meantime, rumors about the continuation of the tape "The Lego Movie: Batman" are only at the level of McKay's flirting with the public on social networks, "Lego. Film 2 "is already preparing for release in screens next February.

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Author: Jake Pinkman