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US Box Office: Toy Batman Made By Christian Gray

Image Last weekend ( February 10-12 ), films about LEGO and sex toy lovers came together in the fight for first place in the US box office. And if on Friday the melodrama " Fifty Shades Darker " was a clear favorite and even went into the lead, then on the weekend " The Lego Movie: Batman " confidently climbed to the top of the financial rankings.

Spin-off of the Lego. Film ”started at $ 55.6 million . The journalists expected more from the cartoon, and the studio Warner Bros. hoped that their new brainchild would earn at least $ 60 million . At one time, the first project of the franchise mastered the debut weekend of $ 69.1 million , so the movie about Batman lost to its predecessor, but not too much. If things continue to go well for the film, it is quite possible that it will cross the line of $ 200 million at the American box office.

The cartoon also performed well outside the United States, where viewers brought $ 37 million to its piggy bank. Along with convincing financial performance, the animation film also boasts positive reviews from critics and viewers who rated it A- .


And although the reviewers noted that the spin-off lacks the depth and novelty of its older brother, Chris McKay's cartoon turned out to be incredibly funny and dynamic, which, in fact, is what viewers in most cases expect from a project of this kind.

The main rival of LEGO toys, the erotic drama Fifty Shades Darker , began its march through cinemas with the sum of $ 46.8 million . Compared to the achievements of the first film, which grossed $ 93 million at the start, the sequel does not appear in a winning light. On the other hand, before the premiere of the second part, few expected even such agility from her. But the results of the tape abroad are really amazing - it received $ 100.1 million . At the same time, cinema goers rated it average, at B- .


In 2015, "Fifty Shades of Gray" lost about 70% of its starting revenue in the second week, but the creators of the sequel hope for a smaller decline in interest in it, and the celebration of Valentine's Day will play into the hands of the film James Foley .

As for the critics, they quite expectedly smashed another creation based on the novel by E.L. James to smithereens. This time the writer’s husband, Nial Leonard, was in charge of the script, but the reviewers did not see much for the better - the same hybrid of sex and melodrama, only diluted with a few jokes. In addition, many considered the sequel a more boring project than the first part, noting that in the final third of the picture on the screen, some kind of meaningless madness is happening.


The third place in the top 5 was taken by another newcomer to the rental - the action movie " John Wick 2 ". The second part of the action franchise earned $ 30 million in the first weekend, more than doubling the achievement of its predecessor. Distributors predict that Chad Stahelski will eventually gross about $ 90 million in the US. Viewers from across the ocean are not helping the tape too much - last weekend they gave only $ 10.6 million at its disposal. Critics, in turn, praised the second part, noting that Stahelski is well versed in the topic. The director gave the audience two more hours of dynamic carnage, and they are so good that after the credits one wants to continue the banquet.


The leader of the last three weeks, the thriller " Split ", has dropped to fourth place. Film M. Night Shyamalan added $ 9.3 million to his piggy bank, and now his total earnings in US theaters are $ 112.3 million - an excellent result for a film on a modest budget in $ 9 million .

The drama " Hidden Figures " is not going to leave the top-5 - it was she who got the fifth place in the financial rating at the end of the weekend. Only 22% of the audience lost the painting Ted Melfi , whose assets were replenished by another $ 8 million . Maybe the tape does not show transcendental results abroad, but at home it has collected $ 131.5 million .

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