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1 + 1 + Neil Berger

Image Rumors of an upcoming Hollywood remake of the highest-grossing European film - the tragicomedy "1 + 1" - began to appear almost immediately after the premiere of the French film. The project of the company The Weinstein Co. was in limbo for a very long time: at first, the main role was prophesied to Colin Firth, and the director was to be Paul Fig. Then it became known that Tom Shediak was invited to take the stage, but the plans collapsed again and again.

In the spring of this year, information was received that the main characters of the future picture should be played by Brian Cranston and Kevin Hart. Finally, the site Empire published the first accurate information in this whole story - an agreement was reached with the actors, and Neil Berger ("The Illusionist", "Billions" / Billions ).

Although the debate about the need for a remake of the stunning and beloved tragicomedy, nominated for " Golden Globes " and BAFTA as Best Foreign Language Film, continues to this day, such a combination of actors should perfectly convey the images of the main characters.


There are no masterpieces in the filmography of Neil Berger yet, but he has already worked both in big cinema and on TV. In addition, the filmmaker is currently writing the script for Bride of Frankenstein, which will become part of the MCU of Universal monsters. The Weinstein Co. , responsible for the production of the new version of " 1 + 1 ", belongs to the successful producers of the Weinstein brothers. Filming is scheduled to begin in January next year and will take place in New York.

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Author: Jake Pinkman