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Khabensky ousted Khabensky. Selfie Movie Trailer

Image "People are trying in every possible way to become a commodity that can be profitably sold"- and Sergei Minaev, the author of books about mediocre party-goers, corrupt managers, greedy socialites and everyone for whom money, brands and statuses are priority values in life. USA viewers have already had the good fortune to appreciate the adaptation of his novel “DukhLess” and its sequel, and now the bestseller “Dukhless of the 21st century. Selfie ". This time, the main role went not to Danila Kozlovsky, but to Konstantin Khabensky.

The film entitled "Selfie" tells about the popular media person, writer and presenter Vladimir Bogdanov, with whom an unpleasant thing happened - one day he woke up as a shadow of himself. The successful, narcissistic and self-centered protagonist realizes that someone has taken his place, and now some impostor is giving interviews for him, spending time with his women, hanging out with his friends, reveling in the adoration of fans. Attempts to prove to those around him his authenticity only lead to the fact that Bogdanov is called a nutcase and they say offensive - his double, they say, is a hundred times better than him. And where did he actually get that he is the real Vladimir Bogdanov? ..

The director of the dramatic thriller was Nikolai Khomeriki ("Hearts Boomerang", "Icebreaker"), the script was written by the author of the printed original, the budget of the tape was 115 million rubles, and the cast, in addition to Konstantin Khabensky, included Fyodor Bondarchuk, Yulia Khlynina and Anna Mikhalkova.


The release of the film is scheduled for February 1, 2018.

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