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Sam and Ryan rule the US box office

Image Last weekend turned out to be unsuccessful for the North American box office - films from the top 12 earned a total of $ 49 million , which has not happened in August for over 20 years. In addition, the weekend was the worst since September 2001. This situation is primarily due to the lack of high-profile premieres, and they will have to wait until September 8 , when the horror "It" opens in theaters. The hurricane that hit Texas and Saturday's confrontation between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor also played a role in the drop in distributor revenues.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the leader of the last week, the militant " Killer's Bodyguard ". retained the first line of the financial rating, having lost more than half of the audience. Patrick Hughes finished the weekend with a result of $ 10.1 million , and now its home gross is $ 39.6 million , which is slightly more than the budget of the action ( $ 30 million ). Analysts believe that The Killer's Bodyguard will end its cinematic trip at $ 65 million .

Despite the presence of Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds, the filmmakers were unable to fully exploit its potential. On the way out, Hughes is an average action movie that fits perfectly into the blockbuster season. A rather weak script is saved by the play of the actors - Jackson , Reynolds and Salma Hayek, and the humor and the R rating somehow distinguish the action game among its fellow genre .


In second place was the sequel to The Curse of Annabelle - the horror film by David F. Sandberg added $ 7.4 million to its treasury. Now on the account of the tape there is $ 77.9 million , and, apparently, the result of the first part ( $ 84.3 million ) it will surpass. The Origin of Evil is a rare occasion when many viewers liked the sequel more than Annabelle's Curse itself. It is not surprising that the horror movie has already earned $ 215.1 million at the global box office - an amount ten times higher than its $ 15 budget.


The third place in the top 5 was taken by the newcomer of the rental, the animation film " Ballerina ". It is noteworthy that the Americans were among the last to see the creation of Eric Warin and Eric Summer . However, viewers, apparently, have already gotten fed up with cartoons over the past summer, and therefore did not take the opportunity to take their children to the cinema before they return to school. In the first weekend, Ballerina mastered a modest $ 5 million , but at the same time earned a high score of A from cinema goers.


True, the cartoon still disappointed some critics. In their opinion, even the director's attention to detail does not save the picture from a cliched plot. Moreover, the story of ballet and orphans may seem boring to young children, and in order to somehow diversify what is happening on the screen, the Ballerinas team did not find a better way out but to use pop music inserts.


The fourth line of the rating went to the thriller " Windy River ", which was released in wide distribution. The film tripled its number of copies, resulting in $ 4.41 million earned over the weekend. The debut directorial work of Taylor Sheridan , as he himself positions it, without taking into account his own low-budget horror movie "Vile", turned out to be promising and was warmly received by critics, and they even considered the role of Jeremy Renner one of the best in the arsenal actor in recent years. Winter wild landscapes, adventures on the verge of life and death, unexpected plot twists - Sheridan managed to fit all this into the timing of the tape.


" Logan's Luck " quite naturally lost almost half of the viewers and rounds out the top five in the weekend. An additional $ 4.37 million went to the film's asset. Now the film has $ 15 million with a budget of $ 29 million , and it is unlikely that Stephen Soderbergh dreamed of such a return to the world of big cinema. In the case of Logan's Luck , the opinions of critics and the desires of the audience are strikingly different from each other, as the professional community appreciated the action comedy very highly, noting interesting characters, excellent acting and good humor.

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Author: Jake Pinkman