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Boxing Office USA: Bodyguard Luck

Image Last weekend ( August 18-20 ), the US box office did not expect premieres of blockbusters or sequels of sensational franchises, and therefore two comedy action films, each of which boasts a stellar cast, came together in the struggle for leadership positions. The winner of this battle was " The killer's bodyguard ", who easily took the top line of the top-5.

Distributors had high hopes for last week's debutants, expecting them to revive the August box office, which is still far behind last year's numbers. The hitman's bodyguard even surpassed all these expectations, raising $ 21.6 million . A year ago, at the same time, Boys with Guns opened in theaters, and they started much worse than the tape of Patrick Hughes - with only $ 14.7 million . The first results of the new action are comparable to those of RED, which started at $ 21.8 million .

If Hitman's Bodyguard continues in this vein, it may well bring profit to the studio Lionsgate , since the film's budget was only $ 29 million . The creators of the action movie launched a large-scale promotional campaign, but it went to theaters, collecting mixed reviews from critics. However, viewers rated it quite high - the film received a B + rating.


"Hitman's Bodyguard" , according to reviewers, does not differ from most of its brothers in the genre, and fans of action movies will not discover anything new in it. Chases and skirmishes were filmed like a textbook, and the script of the tape is frankly bad - you can't find memorable dialogues or interestingly written characters here. However, director Patrick Hughes makes 100% use of the comedic potential of Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson. Their duet became the main decoration of the film. In any case, Hitman's Bodyguard won't have any serious competitors until September, and next weekend will show if Hughes 's creation will be able to retain its audience, or if negative reviews will take effect.


The leader of last week, the horror film " The Curse of Annabelle: The Origin of Evil ", has dropped to second place. He added $ 15.5 million to his piggy bank and lost more than half of the viewers, which is not surprising given how skeptical movie fans have become about all kinds of sequels. Now the home box office of the horror is $ 64 million , and its achievements worldwide are estimated at $ 160.7 million - a significant contribution to the "Conjure" franchise, which has already earned more than $ 1 billion .

Despite the interesting title, which was supposed to attract viewers, and star names, the comedy " Logan's Luck " finished the first week only at the third line of the top-5. The main competitor of The Hitman's Bodyguard managed to charm the critics, but not the audience - they took only $ 8.1 million to his piggy bank. The film marked the return of Stephen Soderbergh to the world of big cinema, but this time he decided not to enlist the support of a major Hollywood studio, which, as journalists suspect, affected the final result. Unlike the same Hitman's Bodyguard , Logan's Good Luck marketing campaign left a lot to be desired, and the action showed the worst start in the career of Soderbergh with times of "Solaris".

At the same time, the reviewers highly appreciated the new creation of Soderbergh . Every element is beautiful in the film - non-caricatured characters, dynamic plot, acting, and all this is spiced with southern charm. Channing Tatum and Adam Driver made a great duet, and Daniel Craig took off to the fullest, leaving the seriousness of 007 behind for a while.

" Dunkirk " took the fourth position according to the results of the week - Christopher Nolan tape earned an additional $ 6.7 million . Now her achievements in her native cinemas are equal to $ 165.5 million , and thanks to viewers from other countries, the military epic has already come close to the mark of $ 400 million in the world box office.


Today's review ends with the animation film " Real Squirrel 2 ", to which there were added $ 5.1 million . The cartoon, which garnered mostly negative reviews from critics, grossed only $ 17.7 million in two weeks with a budget of $ 40 million . It looks like the adventures of Angry and his friends are coming to an end.

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Author: Jake Pinkman