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Hitman's Bodyguard makes the most of the US Box Office

Image The box office in the United States continues to set anti-records. Not only did the last summer show the fading interest of viewers in new films, but also the first fall weekend ( September 1-3 ) turned out to be unsuccessful for distributors. According to forecasts, the income of distributors for the weekend will be about $ 90-100 million. The results were worse only in 1998.

However, things did not turn out as badly as the journalists expected. Although Hollywood studios have reserved high-profile premieres for the remaining weeks of September, viewers did not abandon the idea of going to the cinema last weekend, and therefore the maximum audience drop among the top-10 films was only 5%.

In the absence of competition, the “ Killer's Bodyguard ” action retained the palm. The Patrick Hughes feed has added $ 15.1 million to its piggy bank. Now the total revenues of the action movie at home are $ 54.9 million with a budget of $ 30 million . The result is not bad, but Lionsgate must have expected more given the film's stellar team.


As early as next week, The Hitman's Bodyguard will have to make room for the premiere of the horror film It. Horror threatens to raise about $ 60 million already at the start and update several box office records.

The second place was taken by the sequel to The Curse of Annabelle , which earned an additional $ 11.1 million . It was his viewership that sank 5%, but New Line is hardly worried about this fact: the construction of the Conjuring franchise is going very well, and the second The Curse of Annabelle him his bit. At the moment, the painting David F. Sandberg has collected $ 89 million in the US and $ 164.4 million in other countries, and $ 253.4 million for a horror movie with a budget of $ 15 million - the result is excellent. Of course, the achievements of "The Curse" and its sequel to the new "Curse of Annabelle" could not be repeated, but it has already overtaken the first part at home.


The thriller " Windy River " has risen to the third line, expanding its presence in cinemas. With an additional 500 copies, Taylor Sheridan experienced a 27% increase in viewership, adding another $ 6.9 million to the tape. The Weinstein brothers' production company that has been distributing Windy River may be pleased. Debut directorial work of Sheridan not only received flattering reviews from critics, but also mastered $ 18.3 million with a $ 11 -million budget.


A little less fortunate was the animation tape " Ballerina " from the same The Weinstein Company . The cartoon cannot boast of an abundance of positive reviews and has collected $ 11.4 million in the North American box office. But outside the United States, where the film made its debut much earlier, it managed to bankrupt viewers by $ 80.2 million .


" Logan's Luck " from the eminent Stephen Soderbergh also added to the audience, but this does not save the picture from a failure at home. Despite the laudatory reviews from reviewers, American audiences reacted coolly to the first full-length film by a director in several years. Over the weekend, the comedy was $ 4.4 million , but its total of $ 21.5 million doesn't look too promising against the backdrop of a budget of $ 29 million . Outside the US, Logan's Luck is also unlucky - in other countries, the tape has collected modest $ 3.2 million .

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