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Comedy Horror Topics American Hire


There was a change of leader in the North American box office. The Horror comedy took first place, grossing $ 23.5 million on the premiere weekend. For a project with a production budget of only $ 58 million, this is more than a compelling start.

In second place was the leader of the previous weekend - the fantastic movie "The Martian", which finished with a score of $ 21.5 million. The total collection of the painting in North America reached $ 143.7 million, and the world has exceeded $ 300 million.

The third place went to the political thriller "Spy Bridge", which earned $ 15.3 million in the first weekend. As a rule, such projects of director Steven Spielberg have good endurance at the box office, so the fate of a movie that has not yet been released in many markets does not raise concerns.

It is also worth noting the unsuccessful start of the mystical thriller "Crimson Peak", which was shot by Mexican director Guillermo Del Toro. On the premiere weekend, the picture earned $ 12.8 million at home, which allowed it to take only fourth place. At the international box office, the movie earned another $ 13.4 million. Crimson Peak's production budget is estimated at $ 55 million.

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Author: Jake Pinkman