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Casting: Stan to California, Gross to the North

Image While the whole world is preparing for an endless war, Sebastian Stan does not sit still: together with Tatyana Maslani, the actor will play in the thriller Destroyer ("The Destroyer" *). Based on an original screenplay by Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi, the film will be directed by Karin Kusama with support from 30WEST.

In the center of the plot is a young Los Angeles detective Erin Bell (Nicole Kidman), whose undercover work to expose a dangerous California cult leads to tragic consequences. Many years later, when the leader of the group reappears, the girl has a chance to catch the criminal and get even with all the demons who destroyed her past.

Maslani last year won an Emmy for her role in the TV series Dark Child, Stan will soon be seen in The Ice Bitch with Margot Robbie, but most of all fans are waiting for his character to appear in the next Avengers.


Michael Gross will take on the role of the eared magical creature in the upcoming female Santa comedy Noelle. When the main inhabitant of the North Pole decides to retire, his own daughter has to manage the family business, and Elder Gross will become one of her assistants in this difficult matter. It was written and directed by Mark Lawrence and produced by Justice Green and Susan Todd. The film is set to premiere in November 2019.


Michelle Hiatt joined the acting ranks of the drama Foster Boy ("Foster" *) directed by Youssef Delard. Scripted by Jay Paul Deratani, Matthew Modine's corporate attorney is handed a tough pro bono case. A successful lawyer's company is obliged to find good foster families for children, but instead finds housing for a known juvenile delinquent, with disastrous consequences. We will remind that earlier the contract for shooting in the film was signed by Evan Handler.


Twin Peaks star Ray Wise will star in Colin Healy's film For Entertainment Purposes Only. This is the story of a rich man who decided to use the services of a fortune teller to fall in love with the woman of his dreams. The film promises not only to interest the plot, but also to give food for thought. Healy will write the script himself, with Mark Myers and Ian Bell responsible for the financial part.

* - preliminary translation.

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